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Haya Harareet


Born - 20 September 1931, Haifa, Palestine (now Israel)
Died - 3 February 2021

Dark-eyed, soulfully beautiful actress of Polish ancestry, born Haya Neuberg. After winning an Israeli beauty contest, she took up acting, but her film career was short: Hill 24 Doesn't Answer (1955), The Doll That Took the Town (1957), as Esther in Ben-Hur (1959), The Secret Partner (1961), L'Atlantide/Journey Beneath the Desert (1961), The Interns (1962), The Legend of Fra Diavolo (1962), The Last Charge (1964) and My Friend Jonathan (1974), her last. She also co-wrote the screenplay for her second husband, English director Jack Clayton's film Our Mother's House in 1967. Clayton died in 1995, but Harareet continued to live in England, where she died.