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Linda Christian


Born - 13 November 1923, Tampico, Mexico
Died - 22 July 2011

Green-eyed, oval-faced strawberry blonde beauty contest winner best known for her marriages to film stars Tyrone Power and Edmund Piurdom than for acting achievements, though she was a competent performer and made a fair few films. Born Blanca Rosa Welter, she had bit parts as Linda Welter in Rock of Souls (1943), Up in Arms (1944), Club Havana (1945) and Holiday in Mexico (1946), before acting as Linda Christian as exotic native girls in Green Dolphin Street (1947) and Tarzan and the Mermaids (1948). Fluent in seven languages, she did a Spanish-language version of a UK film Torment (1949), then had two daughters by Power, Taryn and Romina, both of who became minor actresses. More prominent roles followed in Battle Zone (1952), The Happy Time (1952), Slaves of Babylon (1953), Athena (1954), Thunderstorm (1956), The House of the Seven Hawks (1959), Rebel Flight to Cuba (1959), The Devil's Hand (1962) and The VIPs (1963), Later she made an assortment of pot-boiler films in France, Italy, Holland and Britain, of which Amore Inquieto di Maria (1987) was the last. She died from colonic cancer.