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Marion Ramsey


Born - 10 May 1947, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Died - 7 January 2021

Happy-looking Afro-American character actress with bright, wide smile, who appeared in the first six Police Academy film comedies, in which she wore a fatsuit for her role as Sgt Laverne Hooks. On stage in Broadway musicals as a teenager, she made a belated film debut in Police Academy (1984) and continued her role in the series until Police Academy: City Under Siege in 1989. She returned to stage and TV work and made no more films until she was in her fifties: Maniacts (2001), Recipe for Disaster (2003), Lord Help Us (2006), The Stolen Moments of September (2007), Who Killed Soul Glow? (2011), Return to Babylon (2013), Wai-Bob's (2014), DaZe Vol Too - NonSenSe (2016) and When I Sing (2018), her last. She died 'following a short illness'.