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Rossana Podesta


Born - 20 August 1934, Zlitan, Misratah, Libya (then Tripolitania)
Died - 10 December 2013

Dark-haired, pinkly pretty Continental star in films from her teens, but on the international scene, first with her sultry performance in the Mexican film La Red (1953), then three years later when she went blonde to play the title role in Robert Wise's Helen of Troy. After a debut in Strano Appuntamento (1950), the actress, born Carla Podesta, was in Cops and Robbers (1951), Snow White in Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue (1951), Don Lorenzo (1952), Ulysses (1954), Santiago/The Gun Runners (1956), Raw Wind in Eden (1958), Fury of the Vikings (1960) and Sodom and Gomorrah (1962). Later she appeared in horror films and erotic comedies: Castle of Terror (1963), Seven Golden Men (1965), Intimacy (1970), The Sensuous Sicilian (1973), Sex Diary (1977), Sunday Lovers (1980), Hercules (1983) and Segreti, Segreti (1985), her last.