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Carmen Sevilla


Born - 16 October 1930, Seville, Spain
Died - 27 June 2023

Bright-eyed, raven-haired Spanish actress with high cheekbones. Born Maria del Carmen Garcia, she took her stage surname from the city of her birth, and remained a force in Spanish films for four decades, with a brief foray into international roles in the 1950s and early 1960s. Film credits include Men of Iberia (1946), The Guitar of Gardel (1949), Love and Desire (1951), The Beauty of Cadiz (1953), Congress in Seville (1955), Spanish Affair (1957), Bread, Love and Andalusia (1958), King of Kings (1961), Searching for Monica (1962), Road to Rocio (1965), The Locket (1970), Antony and Cleopatra (1972), House of the Damned (1974), English Striptease (1975), Beatriz (1976) and Rostros (1978), her last. Also a popular singer with 15 albums to her name, she suffered from advanced Alzheimer's Disease throughout the last decade of her life.