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Patricia Dainton


Born - 12 April 1930, Hamilton,. Lanarkshire, Scotland
Died - 31 May 2023

Blonde, Scottish-born, narrow-faced performer, with finely-boned, Dresden China-style features. After appearances as a teenager. and early star roles in 'A' movies, the slender actress, born Margaret Pate, became the leading lady of many British 'B' film dramas, often as fragile flowers with cores of steel, in between breaks to have four children with her husband, actor Norman Williams, who died in 2010. Despite some good performances, she seemed to lack the career drive to make her a bigger star, and exited movies in her early thirties to raise her family: The Bells Go Down (1943), Dancing With Crime (1946), Uncle Silas (1947), Ladies in Waiting (1948), Don't Ever Leave Me (1949), The Dancing Years (1950), Hammer the Toff (1952), Paul Temple Returns (1952), Operation Diplomat (1953), No Road Back (1956), The Passing Stranger (1957), At the Stroke of Nine (1957), Witness in the Dark (1960), The House in Marsh Road (1960), The Third Alibi (1961), her last, and more.