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Jane Adams


Born - 7 August 1921, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Died - 21 May 2014

Glamorous, full-lipped, brunette actress in Hollywood 'B' features, notably two Universal 'horrors' of the 1940s. Born Betty Bierce, she was a radio actress with a sole film appearance in the short So You Want to Give Up Smoking in 1942 until Universal put her under contract in 1945, billing her initially as Poni Adams and working her hard with more than a dozen roles in 1945 and 1946 alone: House of Dracula (1945, as the hunchback nurse), Code of the Lawless (1945), The Runaround (1946), The Brute Man (1946), Smooth As Silk (1946), He Walked by Night (1948), Gun Law Justice (1948), Western Renegades (1949), the serial Batman and Robin (1949), The Girl from San Lorenzo (1950), Law of the Panhandle (1950) and Street Bandits (1951), her last, although she continued acting on TV until the mid 1950s. Her first husband, a Navy pilot, was killed in World War two, and she married another military man. an army major, in 1945; they remained married until his death in 2000.