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David Carradine


Born - 8 December 1936, Goldsboro, USA
Died - 3 June 2009

Tall, taciturn, fair-haired and low-lipped, Carradine was the son of character actor John Carradine (1906-1988). His brother Keith is also a leading actor. A latecomer to movie acting, Carradine's first role was a tearaway young heavy in the western Taggart (1965) but after the success of his TV series Kung Fu, he attracted leading roles in such films as Boxcar Bertha (1972) and Bound for Glory (1976) (as Woody Guthrie). Scores of action roles in insignificant films followed, but he enjoyed something of a revival in Tarantino's Kill Bill films (as Bill) in 2003/2004. After making 30 films in his last three years, he was found hanging in a Bangkok hotel room, having gone to Thailand to make yet another action film.