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Simon Ward


Born - 19 October 1941, Beckenham, Kent, UK
Died - 20 July 2012

Fair-haired, square-headed, boyish-looking actor, plucked from moderate obscurity to play the title role in Young Winston (1971): it was to be the zenith of his career. On TV from 1964, he caught the eye in a stage production of Joe Orton's Loot, leading to the juvenile lead in Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969). Although not the most charismatic of actors, he continued to find decent leading roles until his features thickened in early middle age and he moved into character parts. Other films include If... (1968), I Start Counting (1969), Quest for Love (1971), Hitler: The Last Ten Days (1973), The Three Musketeers: the Queen's Diamonds (1973), Dracula (1973), All Creatures Great and Small (1974), Deadly Strangers (1974), The Four Musketeers: The Revenge of Milady (1974, Ace High (1976), Holocaust 2000 (1977), The Four Feathers (1978), Dominique (1978), Raising Daisy Rothschild (1979), Zulu Dawn (1979), The Monster Club (1980), Supergirl (1980), Leave All Fair (1985) and Wuthering Heights (1992), his last, although much TV and theatre work followed for the next two decades. His daughter is the actress Sophie Ward; the comedian Michael McIntyre is his son-in-law. He died from polycythemia, a blood disease.