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George Martin


Born - 18 September 1937, Barcelona, Spain
Died - 1 September 2021

Black-haired, charismatic Spanish leading man with flashing smile, a star of paella/spaghetti westerns and action spectaculars who also directed a few of his own films. Born Francisco Martinez Celeiro, he made his debut in Nunca es Demasiado Tarde in 1956, but it was the 1960s that brought him dashing leading roles, although few were seen by English-speaking audiences: The Invincible Gladiator (1961), Horizontes de Luz (1962), Balboa (1963), Apache Fury (1964), Tomb of the Pistolero (1964), A Pistol for Ringo (1965), Guns of Nevada (1965), The Return of Ringo (1966), Thompson 1880 (1966), Clint il Solitario (1967), Island of the Doomed (1967), Sartana Does Not Forgive (1968), The Magnificent Robin Hood (1970), Blackie the Prate (1971), Nebraska Clay (1971), Watch Out Gringo! Sabata Will Return (1972), A Noose is Waiting for You, Trinity (1972), The Supermen of the West (1973) and Sons of Scaramouche (1974), his last, which he also wrote and directed. In 1975, he gave up films and moved to America, making a new career as an estate agent and land developer.