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Ben Cooper


Born - 30 September 1930, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Died - 24 February 2020

Fresh-faced, auburn-haired, slim, pink-cheeked, blue-eyed and boyish, Cooper usually played brash young cowboys and adventurers, A juvenile player on stage and radio, he threw in his lot with the fading Republic Pictures in the early 1950s and they put him into a fistful of featured roles through the decade, occasionally giving him the lead in a 'B' movie. Alas, the baby face that had helped mark him out as a promising player was also his downfall; the 'young buckaroo' never really graduated to being an old buckaroo, and he later combined business, acting and writing careers. After a barely-there film debut in Anthony Mann's Side Street (1950), Cooper was seen in Thunderbirds (1952), Woman They Almost Lynched (1952), Sea of Lost Ships (1953), A Perilous Journey (1953), Johnny Guitar (1954), Jubilee Trail (1954), The Fighting Chance (1955), The Last Command (1955), The Rose Tattoo (1955), A Strange Adventure (1956), Rebel in Town (1956), Duel at Apache Wells (1957), Outlaw's Son (1957), Diary of a Nurse (1959), Chartroose Caboose (1960), Riders of Vengeance/The Raiders (1963), Arizona Raiders (1965), Waco (1966), Red Tomahawk (1967), The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967), Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971), One More Train to Rob (1971), The Sky's the Limit (1975) and Lightning Jack (1994), his last. His wife, actress Pamela Raymond, died in 2008 after almost 50 years of marriage. Cooper spent hours practising drawing a gun, and was said to have been one of the fastest in films.