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Ken Pogue


Born - 26 July 1934, Toronto, Canada
Died - 15 December 2015

Rugged Canadian supporting actor with thinning hair and ruddy complexion, a latecomer to films who was often seen as villains, but sometimes also military men. After a debut in The Neptune Factor (1973), he was seen, among many others, in Second Wind (1976), The Silent Partner (19780, Lost and Found (1979), The Grey Fox (1982), The Dead Zone (1983), Hot Money (1983), Dead of Winter (1987), Welcome Home (1989), Run (1991), Where the Heart Is (1991), Wings of Courage (1995), Bad Moon (1996), The 6th Day (2000) and the TV movies Deck the Halls (2005) and A Dog Named Christmas (2009), his last. Married to actress Diana Barrington, he died from metastatic cancer.