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Richard Erdman


Born - 1 June 1925, Enid, Oklahoma, USA
Died - 16 March 2019

Snub-nosed, eager-looking American supporting actor with a shock of tufty fair hair. He made perfect casting for 'GI Joes' in war films, but was less seen after the 1950s, his heyday, concentrating on directing (many segments of The Dick Van Dyke Show as well as a couple of feature films). Sometimes billed as Dick Erdman (he was born John Richard Erdmann), he made his film debut as a teenager: Hollywood Canteen (1944), Mr Skeffington (1944), Janie (1944), Objective, Burma! (1945), Danger Signal (1945), Janie Gets Married (1946), Nobody Lives Forever (1946), Deception (1947), Wild Harvest (1947), The Time of Your Life (1948), Easy Living (1949), The Men (1950), Cry Danger (1950), The Stooge (1951), Jumping Jacks (1952), Because You're Mine (1952), The Blue Gardenia (1953), Stalag 17 (1953), Francis in the Navy (1955), Anything Goes (1956), The Power and the Prize (1956), Bernardine (1957), Saddle the Wind (1958), Face of Fire (1959), Marines, Let's Go (1961), The Brass Bottle (1963), Namu the Killer Whale (1966), Rascal (1969), Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970), The Brothers O'Toole (1973), Mr Majestyk (1974), Trancers (1984), Tomboy (1985), Valet Girls (1987), The Learning Curve (1999), his last, and many more, although he continued acting on TV into his nineties. His (second) wife, actress Sharon Randall (born Janice Chambers), died in 2016 after more than 60 years of marriage. Erdman died from age-related dementia following a fall.