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Aiche Nana


Born - 2 February 1936, Beirut, Lebanon
Died - 29 January 2014

Sultry, full-lipped, dark-eyed, dark-haired (later blonde) starlet and dancer whose impromptu strip/dance in a Rome nightclub allegedly inspired Fellini to insert a similar sequence into his film La Dolce Vita. Born Kiash Nanah, the actress went on to play minor roles in a number of films: A Touch of the Sun (1956), La Chatelaine du Liban (1956), Sheriff Won't Shoot (1965), A...come Assassino (1966), Piluk Il Timido/Gun Shy Sheriff (1968), Thompson 1880 (1969), Edipeon (1970), Viva Italia (1977), Images in a Convent (1979), The Story of Piera (1983) and King David (1985), her last. She died following a long battle with cancer.