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Esmeralda Barros


Born - 4 September 1944, Ilheus, Brazil
Died - 10 October 2019

Sultry South American actress - the 'Brazilian bombshell' - who followed beauty contest wins with a film career, often in semi-clothed roles, and later posed for the Brazilian Playboy magazine. And she had a leading role in her first film, History of a Hangover (1965). Later credits included Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1966), Kong Island/King of Kong Island (1968), Voyage to the End of the World (1968), Viva! Django (1970), Paid in Blood (1971), God is My Colt .45 (1972), The Devil's Wedding Night (1973), Prison for Violent Women (1976), Woman of Application (1979) and Castle of De Sade (1982), her last. She died from Parkinson's Disease.