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Gilberto Galimberti


Born - 25 February 1933, Rome, Italy
Died - 16 June 2017

Lanky, brown-haired, arrow-nosed Italian stuntman and master-at-arms, in films from the late 1950s, and gradually graduating to small roles from the next decade on. After moving on from sword-and-sandal muscleman epics, he made (often brief) appearances in nearly 50 spaghetti westerns, often as villainous henchmen who bit the dust. Scores of action-film credits included appearances in Attack of the Normans (1962), Hercules and the Black Pirates (1964), Adios Gringo (1965), Django (1966), Sabata (1969), The Unholy Four (1970), They Call Me Trinity (1970), Return of Sabata (1971), Trinity is STILL My Name! (1971), Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (1973), Loaded Guns (1975), Blood and Diamonds (1977), The Beyond (1981), The Violent Breed (1984), Savage Island (1986) and Arizona Road (1991), his last.