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Peter Duffell


Born - 10 July 1922, Canterbury, Kent, England
Died - 12 December 2017

Shaggy-haired, stocky British director. Noted for his TV work, especially The Far Pavilions series in 1984, his film career never quite caught fire. He had begun with short documentaries and film ads, progressing to half-hour films in the Scotland Yard series: The Silent Weapon (1960), The Never Never Murder (1961), Partners in Crime (1961), Company of Fools (1966), Payment in Kind (1967), The House That Dripped Blood (1970), England Made Me (1972), Inside Out (1975), Caught on a Train (1980, for TV), Experience Preferred...But Not Essential (1982), Letters to an Unknown Lover (1986, for TV) and King of the Wind (1990), his last, although he continued directing for TV until 1996.