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Angus Scrimm


Born - 19 August 1926, Kansas City, Kansas, USA
Died - 9 January 2016

Very tall, cadaverous American actor and writer with long, receding, straggly hair, Hollywood's idea of an undertaker and best known by a long way for his portrayal of the evil Tall Man in the five Phantasm films. Originally a journalist who at one time earned a living writing sleeve notes for record albums, Scrimm, born Lawrence Rory Guy, came to films in the early 1970s, originally using the name Rory Guy: Sweet Kill (1972), Scream Bloody Murder (1973), Jim, the World's Greatest (1976), A Piece of the Action (1977), Phantasm (1979), Witches' Brew (1980), The Lost Empire (1984), Chopping Mall (1986), Phantasm II (1988), Transylvania Twist (1989), Subspecies (1991), Mindwarp (1992), Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994), Vampirella (1996), Phantasm IV: Oblivion (1998), Bel Air (2000), The Off Season (2004), Satanic (2006), I Sell the Dead (2008), Satan Hates You (2010), John Dies at the End (2012), Disciples (2014) and Phantasm: Ravager (2016), his last.