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Booth Colman


Born - 8 March 1923, Portland, Oregon, USA
Died - 15 December 2014

Stocky, apprehensive-looking American supporting player with thinning brown hair. In his later years, he played military officers, doctors, judges and other figures of authority, while also appearing many times as Dickens' Scrooge in stage productions of A Christmas Carol. Coming to Hollywood in the early 1950s after stage experience, he was soon busy: The Big Sky (1952), Julius Caesar (1953), Secret of the Incas (1954), The Human Jungle (1954), Moonfleet (1955), Flight to Hong King (1956), My Gun is Quick (1957), Auntie Mame (1958), Tarawa Beachhead (1958), The Man Who Understood Women (1959), The Bramble Bush (1960), The Comancheros (1961), Kisses for My President (1964), Harlow (1965), Maryjane (1968), The Lawyer (1970), Scandalous John (1971), I Love You...Goodbye (1974), Norma Rae (1979), Shootdown (1988), The Man Who Wasn't There (2001) and Intolerable Cruelty (2003), his last, as well as scores of appearances in TV series.