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Richard Shaw


Born - 19 November 1920, London, England
Died - 11 April 2010

Saturnine English actor with defined features and close-cropped hair, the bad guy in B features who played supporting roles in bigger pictures. Supposedly born Max Richard Shaw (although no one of that name appears in the UK birth records for 1915-1925), he was on stage before a busy film career beckoned in the late 1940s: Third Time Lucky (1948), Meet Simon Cherry (1949), High Treason (1951), The Hour of 13 (1952), Black Orchid (1953), Late Night Final (1954), The Hideout (1956), Hour of Decision (1957), Date With Disaster (1957, and seven other films this year), The Safecracker (1958), No Trees in the Street (1959), The Challenge (1960), Highway to Battle (1961), The Pot Carriers (1962), The Cracksman (1963), 633 Squadron (1964), Operation Crossbow (1965), The Dirty Dozen (1967), Attack on the Iron Coast (1968) and Groupie Girl (1970), then into countless TV series, his only remaining film credits being those in Give Us Tomorrow (1978, still playing a bank robber at nearly 60) and Young Toscanini (1988), his last.