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Rolf Hoppe


Born - 6 December 1930, Ellrich, Germany
Died - 16 November 2018

Dark, dumpy, balding, latterly bearded German supporting actor, often in sneaky or untrustworthy roles. Paralysis of the vocal cords as a young man lent his voice a throaty tone thereafter, and slowed the onset of his career. But from the early sixties he was seen in scores of film roles: Now, in the Hour of My Death (1963), The Best Years (1965), Trail of the Falcon (1967), White Wolves (1969), Goya (1971), Apaches (1973), The Light on the Gallows (1976), Mephisto (1981), Liane (1987), Bangkok Story (1989), Schtonk (1992), The Harmonists (1997), Hans im Gluck (1999), Go for Zucker (2004), Piggies (2009), Without You (2014), The Bloom of Yesterday (2016), his last, and many, many more, few of them seen outside his native country.