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Robert Boon


Born - 26 October 1916, Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Died - 13 January 2015

Stocky, wry-faced, often moustachioed journeyman actor with light (soon grey) hair and sallow complexion, a reliable, attractively-accented performer who played doctors, professors and (usually German) soldiers over a career that spanned five decades. He fought with the Australian army in WW2, then settled in America from 1947. After a film debut in Berlin Express (1948), he went on to make dozens more movies, including: Eagle Squadron (1948), Battleground (1949), Mister 880 (1950), The Tanks Are Coming (1951), Affair in Trinidad (1952), Fort Algiers (1953), The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956), The Enemy Below (1957), The Diary of Anne Frank (1959), G I Blues (1960), Tamarind Seed (1964), Queen of Blood (1966) and Torn Curtain (1966), then much TV work until The Executioner's Song, (1982), his last.