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Ermanno Olmi


Born - 24 July 1931, Treviglio, Italy
Died - 7 May 2018

Bespectacled, straw-haired Italian director whose beginnings as a clerk, and background in industrial documentaries almost inexorably led him to make perceptive and caring films about the lives of ordinary working people. After a score of documentaries from 1953, Olmi made his name with the feature Il Posto/The Job (1961). Subsequent work, often nominated for awards, included I Finzinati/The Engagement (1963), A Man Named John (1964), One Fine Day (1969), The Circumstance (1974), The Tree of Wooden Clogs (1978), Cammina, Cammina (1982), The Legend of the Holy Drinker (1988), Segreto del Bosco Vecchio (1993), The Bible: Genesis (1995), Il Mestiere delle Armi (2001), Tickets (2005), One Hundred Nails (2007), The Cardboard Village (2011) and Greenery Will Bloom Again (2014), his last.