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Jake LaMotta


Born - 10 July 1921, New York City, USA
Died - 19 September 2017

World champion boxers don't often live to be 96, but curly-haired New Yorker LaMotta was no ordinary boxer. He even had a famous film made about him - Scorsese's Raging Bull. And, besides running a nightclub on Miami Beach, he decided at 39 to take up acting, playing cameo, occasionally leading roles in a number of films: Rebellion in Cuba (1961), The Hustler (1961), The Doctor and the Playgirl (1963), The Runaways (1965), Confessions of a Psycho Cat (1968), Cauliflower Cupids (1970), Who Killed Mary Whats'ername? (1972), Firepower (1979), Hangmen (1986), Maniac Cop (1988), Mob War (1989), New Jack City (1991) and the short Question d'Honneur 1997), his last. Born Giacobe LaMotta, he married for a second tine at 93, and died from pneumonia complications.