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Raul Ramirez


Born - 28 January 1927, Guadalajara, Mexico
Died - 22 June 2014

Swarthy, benevolent-looking Mexican actor whose film activities, mostly in lightweight fare, especially tortilla westerns, were almost entirely confined to his native country, where he racked up scores of movie credits. After a debut in Merejada (1952), he made, among many others, El Joven Juarez (1954), Death in the Garden (1956), Cuando Mexico Canta (1958), Stagecoach of Death (1961), Las Bravoconas (1963), Planet of the Female Invaders (1966), Mothers' Day (1969), Blue Demon (1973), The Rattlesnake (1977), Penthouse of Death (1979), Death on the Rio Grande (1982), Malditos Polleros (1985), El Gran Relajo Mexicano (1988), A Light on the Stairs (1994), Outside the Law (1998) and El Regreso del Muerto (2005), his last. He married the actress and writer Marcela Daviland.