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Michael Roberds


Born - 18 January 1964, Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Died - 15 May 2016

Portly, not-too-tall, bearded Canadian comic actor with soft brown eyes, in his latter days notable as Uncle Fester in The New Addams Family series on TV. His film career had begun much earlier, and he was part of the cast in Ultimate Desires (1991), Ernest Goes to School (1994), Happy Gilmore (1996), Horsey (1997), How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog (2000), Saving Silverman (2001), Elf (2003), Connie and Carla (2004), Bob the Butler (2005), Blonde and Blonder (2007), Hot Tub Time Machine (2010), Mop King (2013), Adventures in Babysitting (2016), his last, and many more. He died after a series of heart attacks.