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Pierre Mondy


Born - 10 February 1925, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Died - 15 September 2012

Amiable, round-faced French actor, born Pierre Cuq and best remembered for his portrayal of Napoleon in Abel Gance's Austerlitz (1960) - but a veteran of more than 150 films and TV movies since his debut in Rendez-Vous de Juillet in 1949. Some of his better-known titles are Souvenirs Perdus (1950), Les Compagnes de la Nuit (1952), Le Capitaine Pantoufle (1953), Crainquebille (1954), Folies-Bergere (1956), Les Louves/She-Wolves (1957), Quand la Femme s'en Mele (1957), Faibles Femmes (1959), The Count of Monte-Cristo (1961), The Gentle Art of Murder (1963), Weekend at Dunkirk (1964), The Sleeping Car Murders (1965), The Night of the Generals (1967), Pierre et Paul (1969), Pretres Interdits (1973), The Pink Telephone (1975), Vas-y-Maman (1978), Signe, Furax (1981), Tranches de Vie (1985), Favourite Son (1994) and, after a long period in French TV, Un Homme et Son Chien (2008), his last. He directed only one film, Call Me Mathilde in 1969, but also directed the first stage production of La Cage aux Folles in 1973. Married four times, all to actresses, he died from a relapsed lymphoma.