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Barbara Turner


Born - 14 July 1936, New York City, USA
Died - 5 April 2016

Black-haired American actress, born Gloria Turner, who later became a noted screenwriter. Her acting career, in contrast, was pretty low-key: Two-Gun Lady (1955), Monster from Green Hell (1957), Wink of an Eye (1958), Operation Eichmann (1961), Nightmare in Chicago (1964), Guns of Hate (1967), Soldier Blue (1970) and El Busca de un Muro (1974), her last. Turning to writing, she penned many TV movies, as well as the films Petulia (1968), Georgia (1995), Pollock (2000) and The Company (2003). Married to director Reza Badiyi and actor Vic Morrow; both ended in divorce. The actress Jennifer Jason Leigh is her daughter by Morrow.