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Fyvush Finkel


Born - 9 October 1922, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Died - 14 August 2016

Big, beaming, Punch-nosed, heavy-headed Jewish-American actor, a stalwart of the Yiddish theatre for many years who also became a Hollywood character actor in his later days. Born Philip Finkel, he made a lone film appearance in the little-seen Monticello, Here We Come (1950), before embarking on the majority of his movie career in his sixties: Off Beat (1986), Brighton Beach Memoirs (1987), Q & A (1990), Mobsters (1991), For Love or Money (1993), Nixon (1995), Mixed Nuts (1996), The Crew (2000), The Urn (1998), A Serious Man (1999), The Other Men in Black (2013) and Game Day (2016), his last. He died following heart problems.