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Jean-Louis Bertuccelli


Born - 3 June 1942, Paris, France
Died - 7 March 2014

Amiable French director with a mop of fair, tousled hair. Following the award-winning Ramparts of Clay (1971), he ventured into the mainstream but, after a promising start, the quality of his work fell away, and he spent much of the last two decades of his working life producing material for television. He had begun with a short, Janine et l'Amour (1967). Later films included Paulina 1880 (1972), Docteur Francoise Gailland (1975), L'Imprecateur (1977), Lucie sur Seine (1982), Stress (1984) and Aujourd'hui peut-etre (1991). The last of his many films made for television was Une Juge sous Influence in 2006. The director Julie Bertuccelli is his daughter.