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Bob Terhune


Born - 13 July 1928, Dayton, Ohio, USA
Died - 9 August 2016

Burly, heavy-featured stuntman and bit-part actor, the son of 1930s' western star Max Terhune. Resident for a while at Republic Studios, where he often doubled for John Wayne and Forrest Tucker, being of similar hefty build, Terhune began stunting after World War Two, and played minor gunfighters, goons, ranchers and henchmen in many other films, including Outlaw Country (1949), Rommel - Desert Fox (1951), The Golden Blade (1953), Ten Wanted Men (1955), The Iron Sheriff (1957), Seven Ways from Sundown (1960), Smoky (1966), Killer on a Horse (1966), The King's Pirate (1967), High Plains Drifter (1973), St Ives (1976), Prophecy (1979), My Favorite Year (1982), Dreamscape (1984), Silverado (1985), Near Dark (1987) and Love at Large (1990), his last acting credit. His last film as stuntman was Dumb & Dumber in 1994.