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Victor Lanoux


Born - 18 June 1936, Paris, France
Died - 4 May 2017

Cheerful-looking, stocky, dark-haired, often moustachioed French actor. Born Victor Nataf, he was a leading light in French cinema for several decades, but is perhaps best known to English-speaking audiences as a star of the Pardon Mon Affaire comedy films. After a debut in Mysteries of Paris (1961), he was seen in La Vie Normale (1964), You Only Live Once (1968), The Dominici Affair (1973), Cousin Cousine (1975), The French Detective (1975), Pardon Mon Affaire (1976), Pardon Mon Affaire, Too! (1977), Un Si Joli Village... (1979), Boulevard des Assassins (1982), Stella (1983), Dog Day (1984), Thieves After Dark (1984), National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985), Scene of the Crime (1986), Venetian Red (1989), Le Bal des Casse-Pieds (1992), Les Demons de Jesus (1997), A Hell of a Day (2001) and The Hidden Woman (2012), his last. He died following a stroke.