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L M Kit Carson


Born - 12 August 1941, Irving, Texas, USA
Died - 20 October 2014

Multi-talented, solidly-built American actor, writer and director with straggly fair hair. Beginning as an actor, he made his debut in the title role of David Holzman's Diary (1967), but soon began to mix acting with writing. As an actor, he went on to make The Sunshine Sisters (1972), Chinese Boxes (1984), Running on Empty (1987), Last Fair Deal (1994), Hurricane Streets (1997), Bullfighter (2000), Hamlet in the Hamptons (2002) and others. His screenplays included The Last Word (1979), Breathless (1983), Paris, Texas (1984), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) (1986), Perfume (2001) and more. His one film as director was the 1971 documentary The American Dreamer. Once married to actress Karen Black, he died in his sleep.