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Marie Dubois


Born - 12 January 1937, Paris, France
Died - 15 October 2014

Fresh-looking blonde French actress, at the forefront of French cinema in the 1960s, after being discovered by director Francois Truffaut for his film Shoot the Pianist in 1960. Born Claudine Huzé, she quickly stepped into leading roles: Le Monocle Noir (1961), Jules et Jim (1962), Weekend at Dunkirk (1964), Mata Hari, Agent H21 (1964), Don't Look Now, We're Being Shot At! (1966), The Day the Hot Line Got Hot (1968), Stuntman (1968), Monte Carlo or Bust (1969), Bof! (1971), Le Serpent (1973), L'Innocente (1976), La Menace (1977), Mon Oncle d'Amerique (1980), Une Femme en Fuite (1982), L'Ami de Vincent (1983), Grand Guignol (1987), Les Enfants du Vent (1991) and A Vot' Service (1999), her last. From the late 1970s, she was much afflicted with the multiple sclerosis that eventually forced her retirement. She married actor Serge Rousseau, who died in 2007.