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Russell Means


Born - 19 November 1939, Pine Ridge, South Dakota, USA
Died - 22 October 2012

American Indian (his own preferred term) who only took up film acting when he was cast in a starring role (Chingachgook) in the 1992 version of Last of the Mohicans. Also a notable activist for 'native American' rights, his subsequent film work included Natural Born Killers (1994), Song of Hiawatha (1997), A League of Old Men (1998), Wind River (2000), Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000), Cowboy Up (2001), 29 Palms (2002), Black Cloud (2004), Pathfinder (2007, in the title role), Rez Bomb (2008) and Tiger Eyes (2012), his last. He died from throat cancer.