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Yvonne Monlaur


Born - 15 December 1939, Pau, France
Died - 18 April 2017

Raven-haired, dark-eyed, full-lipped French actress who gained a modicum of iconic fame as the star of some Hammer horror films of the early 1960s. The daughter of a poet and a ballerina, she entered films in her native France as a teenager: Treize a Table (1955), Mannequins of Paris (1956), The Twilight Girls (1957), 3 Straniere a Roma (1958), Adventure in Capri (1959) and a dozen more. Coming to England, she made Circus of Horrors (1960), The Brides of Dracula (1960), The Terror of the Tongs (1961), Time to Remember (1962), Caribbean Hawk (1962), A Cause, a Cause d'une Femme (1963), Nick Carter va Tout Casser/License to Kill (1964), Mission to Caracas (1965) and Die Rechnung - Eiskalt Serviert/Tip Not Included (1966), her last. She returned to France for good in the early 1970s, and left show business.