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Rik Battaglia


Born - 18 February 1927, Corbola, Italy
Died - 27 March 2015

Tall, handsome, solidly-built Italian actor with dark curly hair, a powerful presence as leading man or top supporting player in many an international venture from the mid 1950s on. Born Caterino Bertaglia, he made an instant impact opposite Sophia Loren in Woman of the River (1954) and was rarely out of work thereafter: Liane, Jungle Goddess (1956), Jungle Girl and the Slaver (1957), Raw Wind in Eden (1958), Hannibal (1959), Esther and the King (1960), Why Bother to Knock? (1961), Sodom and Gomorrah (1962), Sandokan the Great (1963), Old Shatterhand/Apaches' Last Battle (1964), Nightmare Castle/The Faceless Monster (1965), Winnetou and Old Firehand (1966), Black Jack (1968), 'Tis Pity She's a Whore (1971), Duck You Sucker (1971), Treasure Island (1972), White Fang (1973), Ten Little Indians (1974), Sister Emmanuelle (1977), The Biggest Battle (1977), Zappatore (1980), The Repenter (1985), Don Bosco (1988), Buck at the Edge of Heaven (1991), his last, and many others. He died from a heart attack.