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'Baby Marie' Osborne


Born - 5 November 1911, Denver, Colorado, USA
Died - 11 November 2010

Bob-haired, full-faced, brunette child star of Hollywood's silent days, who lived to be 99. Born Helen Myers, she made her debut at two-and-a-half in Kidnapped in New York (1914), but her greatest successes were her 'sunshine' films - Shadows and Sunshine (1916), Sunshine and Gold (1917), Told at Twilight (1918) and - biggest hit of them all - Little Mary Sunshine (1916). Her last feature film as Baby Marie was The Little Diplomat (1919) and she described herself as 'washed up at 12', although she returned in small roles from 1934 - her last being Bunco Squad (1950) - before forging a new Hollywood career as a costume designer, most notably for Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra (1963).