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Ursula Thiess


Born - 15 May 1924, Hamburg, Germany
Died - 19 June 2010

Black-haired, green-eyed German actress, well-remembered despite making few films, but notable also for her marriage to Robert Taylor. A photographer's model, she made a couple of German films - Nachtwache (1949) and Jeden Mann (1950 - before venturing into international productions with Monsoon (1952) and thence to Hollywood, where she made The Iron Glove (1954), Bengal Rifles (1954), The Americano (1954) and Bandido! (1956). She married Taylor in 1954 and made one further film after his death in 1968: The Left Hand of Gemini (1972). Her second and third husbands died from cancer, while her son Michael by her first marriage to a German businessman committed suicide at 24.