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Fairly difficult questions

  1. Name the four actresses who played the March sisters in Little Women (1933)
  2. Name the four actresses who played the March sisters in Little Women (1949)
  3. Name the FIVE actresses who played the March sisters in Little Women (1994)
  4. When Jack Nicholson smashes a hole in Shelley Duvall's door in The Shining, does he use a) an axe, b) a carving knife, or c) a hammer?
  5. What is the name of the mouse who befriends the title character in Disney's Dumbo?
  6. Which Czech-born playwright co-wrote the screenplay for Shakespeare in Love?
  7. How much do Paul Newman and Robert Redford steal from Robert Shaw at the end of The Sting? Is it a) $500,000, b) $1million, or c) $2million?
  8. Who is the youngest winner of the Best Actor Oscar?
  9. Which star was born in 1925 as Bernard Schwartz ?
  10. Which star was born in 1961 as Margaret Hyra ?
  11. How many shorts and feature films did Laurel and Hardy make together? Was it a) 188, b) 147, or c ) 106 ?
  12. Which Alfred Hitchcock film features a man falling from the Statue of Liberty?
  13. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have made three films together. Name them.
  14. Which classic movie has just been remade by Hollywood 57 years after the original?
  15. What is the name of Indiana Jones's father ?
  16. 'Nobody's perfect' are the last words of which classic film comedy?
  17. In which of his musicals does Elvis Presley sing Teddy Bear ?
  18. In what film does Robert De Niro's character say 'You lookin' at me?' ?
  19. Who directed the 2006 film World Trade Center?
  20. Who is Angelina Jolie's Oscar-winning father?
  21. Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Horst Buchholz, James Coburn, Brad Dexter, Charles Bronson. Who's missing from The Magnificent Seven?
  22. What is the licence plate of Michael Douglas' car in Falling Down?
  23. With what does Grace Kelly stab her attacker in Dial M for Murder? a) a hatpin, b) a letter-opener, or c) scissors?
  24. How is James Coburn killed in Charade? a) poisoned, b) suffocated, or c) falls off a roof?
  25. Which present-day superstar made his film debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street?
  26. In which hand does the Columbia lady in the studio's logo hold her torch?
  27. Humphrey Bogart is obsessed about the theft of which fruit in The Caine Mutiny? a) strawberries, b) blackberries, or c) raspberries?
  28. What is the name of Nemo's father in Finding Nemo?
  29. What plant does James Cagney keep on board in Mister Roberts? a) palm tree, b) pineapple tree, or c) yucca plant?
  30. Name Janet Leigh's character in Psycho
  31. Which city do we see burnt to the ground in Gone With the Wind? a) Atlanta, b) Lawrence, or c) Richmond?
  32. What 1940s' film contains the line: 'Badges? ...I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges'?
  33. What's the name of the whale in Disney's Pinocchio? Is it a) Willy, b) Monstro, or c) Stromboli?
  34. In what film would you find the line: 'If we can get a picture of Julia Roberts in a thong, we can certainly get a picture of this weirdo.'?
  35. How much does Richard Gere pay Julia Roberts to be his escort in Pretty Woman? a)$1000, b)$3000, or c)$5000
  36. In which film was Kenneth More cast away on a desert island with Joan Collins?
  37. Name the young actress who played opposite Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing
  38. Which recent British film contains the line 'I'm Jewish...I'm small...I'm homosexual...and I'm from Sheffield"?
  39. In which American state is the main action set in Twister>?
  40. Which Clint Eastwood film ends with the line 'I know things about pigeons, Lily'?
  41. What do Emma Thompson, Martha Hyer and Carrie Fisher have in common?
  42. In which film did Elizabeth Taylor say: 'Mama, face it. I was the slut of all time.'?
  43. With which Native American tribe does Kevin Costner bond in Dances with Wolves?
  44. Where do Greg Kinnear and Pierce Brosnan first meet in The Matador?
  45. Gene Hackman is the evil sheriff of which western town in Clint Eastwood's Undefeated?
  46. In which road do the Banks family live in Mary Poppins?
  47. Name the spaceship in Alien
  48. In which film was the classic western ballad Ghost Riders in the Sky featured in 1998?
  49. What kills the aliens in Spielberg's War of the Worlds?
  50. According to the song, what vehicle is Doris Day aboard at the start of Calamity Jane?
  51. In Casino Royale, with what kind of poker hand does Bond finally defeat Le Chiffre?
  52. In which American state is Fargo set?
  53. Who directed the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice?
  54. What's the name of Scaramanga's tiny assistant in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun?
  55. In which of his films does Elvis Presley play a character called Danny Fisher?
  56. Name the remote place where King Kong lives in the 2005 film
  57. What do the actresses Dyan Cannon, Betsy Drake and Virginia Cherrill have in common?
  58. What's Kenneth More's occupation in The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw?
  59. What's the name of Merlin's pet owl in Disney's The Sword in the Stone?
  60. What's the name of Robert de Niro's beloved cat in Meet the Parents?
  61. What's the name of Bill Sikes' dog in the various versions of Oliver Twist?
  62. Which 1930s' crime classic ends with the line 'He used to be a big shot'?
  63. What's the nickname of the serial killer Jodie Foster is hunting in The Silence of the Lambs?
  64. What kind of bird does Ron Moody's Fagin keep as a pet in Oliver!? Is it a) an owl, b) a parrot, or c) a canary?
  65. Who plays the Suburu driver in The Cannonball Run?
  66. To which film star was Lauren Bacall married after Humphrey Bogart's death?
  67. What word connects films starring Nicolas Cage, Billy Connolly and Humphrey Bogart?
  68. Who was America's top-box-office star from 1935 to 1938?
  69. Which film star's portrait does Tim Robbins have in his cell in The Shawshank Redemption?
  70. After which time must a mugwai NOT be fed, in Gremlins?
  71. To which African country (as it was called then) is Audrey Hepburn sent in The Nun's Story?
  72. Anne Hathaway finds herself princess of which fictitious country in The Princess Diaries? a) Ruritania, b) Moldovia, or c) Genovia?
  73. What does Sigourney Weaver suffer from in Copycat? a) claustrophobia, b) ailurophobia, or c) agoraphobia?
  74. For what annual event do the pupils of Hogwarts School dress up to the nines in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?
  75. Of what is the Scarecrow frightened above all else, in The Wizard of Oz?
  76. Which actress, later an adult star, plays the little girl who befriends ET the Extra-Terrestrial?
  77. What's the name of Queen Latifah's premises in Beauty Shop?
  78. What's the name of Humphrey Bogart's detective agency in The Maltese Falcon?
  79. Steve McQueen and James Coburn appeared in three films together. What were they?
  80. Where does the opening murder take place in The Da Vinci Code?
  81. Name Frank Sinatra's main female co-star in a) Double Dynamite, b) Young at Heart, and c) Marriage on the Rocks
  82. What does Michael Douglas get on his tie at the beginning of Disclosure? a) egg, b) jam, or c) toothpaste?
  83. According to the opening song, how many miles has Doris Day's Calamity Jane coverered today on the Deadwood Stage - a) 23, b) 32, or c) 51?
  84. What connects Robert Mitchum, Sophia Loren and Mae West?
  85. What film contains the line 'As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a gangster'?
  86. What sport does Billy Crystal referee in Forget Paris?
  87. What have William Shatner, Mae West, Tom Tryon, Jean Harlow and Joan Collins in common?
  88. Which Indian tribe has kidnapped Natalie Wood in The Searchers?
  89. What's the 'real name' of Judy Garland's film star Vicki Lester in A Star is Born?
  90. Which Disney cartoon featured the story later remade as Sleepy Hollow?
  91. What's the only remake of a long-running TV series (over several years) to get a best Picture Oscar nomination?
  92. In which prison does Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) entertain in Walk the Line?
  93. In which African country is The Constant Gardener mainly set?
  94. What's the name of Johnny Depp's (dead) dog in Corpse Bride? a) Bones, c) Buster, c) Scraps, or d) Shadow?
  95. What do George Clooney and Co plan to steal in Ocean's Twelve?
  96. How was the Hotel des Mille Collines better known in a 2004 film?
  97. Which 1968 film featured Marlon Brando, Walter Matthau and Richard Burton?
  98. What connects Tim Curry, Charlton Heston and Orson Welles?
  99. What connects The Pride and the Passion, The African Queen and Sink the Bismarck!?
  100. In which film would you find the characters Victor Van Dort, Victoria Everglot and Barkis Bittern?
  101. 'I will have my vengeance - in this life or the next' is a line from which epic film?
  102. Why is the title Abbott and Costello Go to Mars a misnomer?
  103. In which 1990s film do Charles Dance and Anthony Quinn play the bad guys?
  104. What do Brad Pitt, Dakota Fanning and Robert Redford have in common?
  105. Which film boasts the largest all-female cast on record?
  106. Which British comedy film carries the credit 'Tail by Dunlop'?
  107. What was odd about the title of the 1954 film Her Twelve Men, in which Greer Garson played a teacher?
  108. What was the sequel to The Last Picture Show called?
  109. Who won an Oscar for reprising the same character he created 25 years earlier?
  110. What's the snake called in the Disney cartoon feature Robin Hood?
  111. Apart from the obvious, what connects Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau with Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello and the Three Stooges?
  112. What's the name of the nightclub in Bugsy Malone?
  113. What connects James Cagney, Paul Newman, Sylvester Stallone and Mel Gibson?
  114. How much money does Michael have to put in his father's bank in Mary Poppins?
  115. Who voiced the role of Dorothy in the 1971 feature cartoon Journey Back to Oz? (Take a guess!)
  116. Which 6' 7" actor played the alien visitor in the 1951 version of The Thing?
  117. What's the name of the village where the action takes place in Hot Fuzz?
  118. What kind of animal is Matilda in the Robert Mitchum/Elliott Gould film of that name?
  119. Who was the first black player to win an Academy Award?
  120. Name three films starring William Holden that contain the names of American states
  121. What connects the films Jezebel, Georgia(1988) and Angie?
  122. Who's the odd man out, from John Cleese, Jim Carrey, Kevin Costner and Sean Connery?
  123. What's the name of Al Pacino's casino in Ocean's Thirteen?
  124. How many films has Bing Crosby made with 'Rhythm' in the title?
  125. Which British-born Hollywood actor of the 30s and 40s had a wooden leg?
  126. Which five-time Oscar nominee (winner in 2015) made her screen debut in Slaughterhouse II in 1988?
  127. What connects Brad Pitt, Rob Lowe and Colin Farrell?
  128. What connects Bing Crosby, Van Johnson and Karen Carpenter?
  129. What connects Emily Deschanel, Drew Barrymore and Joaquin Phoenix?
  130. How many paces to Baker Street did Van Johnson and Vera Miles take in 1956?
  131. What is Frank Sinatra's nightclub called in Pal Joey?
  132. Name the dog in the 'Thin Man' films of the 30s and 40s
  133. What's the name of Daniel Day-Lewis' character in My Left Foot?
  134. Based as it is on the book Rocket Boys, what's odd about the title of the 1999 film October Sky?
  135. What was the title of the last 'Road' film with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour?
  136. Name the whale who swallows Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio
  137. How does villain Joseph Cotten die in Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt? a) falls from a building, b) falls from a train, or c) falls from the Statue of Liberty?
  138. What connects Geena Davis, Julia Roberts and Holly Hunter?
  139. What connects Guy Pearce, Naomi Watts, Heath Ledger and Isla Fisher?
  140. At what number in Charing Cross Road did Anne Bancroft write to Anthony Hopkins?
  141. In which film does Marilyn Monroe play a character called Elsie Marina?
  142. What connects Lindsay Lohan, Bette Davis, Jeremy Irons and Freddie Highmore?
  143. What links Martha, Gordon and Zachary?
  144. What colour process made its bow in 20th Century-Fox CinemaScope films of the 1950s?
  145. What's the name of Gregory Peck's ship in Moby Dick?
  146. Which well-known actor played Will Scarlett in 1991's Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves?
  147. What links Clive Owen with Richard Todd and Vincent Price?
  148. For which film did Halle Berry win an Academy Award?
  149. Who was 'In charge of production' on the famous Warner Brothers shield?
  150. Which bank do Jason Statham and Co rob in The Bank Job?
  151. What TV series was inspired by a 1950 UK crime classic?
  152. Which veteran Hollywood star died in 2008 at the age of 93?
  153. In which of their films do Laurel and Hardy encounter a gorilla on a rope bridge?
  154. In which of his comedies does Danny Kaye play a milkman turned boxer?
  155. Which two 'Bond girls' have won Oscars?
  156. Which child star had a chart hit with Let's Get Together in the early 1960s?
  157. Which boxer did Paul Newman play in Somebody Up There Likes Me? a) Rocky Graziano, b) Rocky Marciano, or c) Rocky Balboa?
  158. Which screen comedian was born in England on 16 June 1890?
  159. Name the film in which Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a chef
  160. What connects Frank Sinatra, Artie Shaw and Mickey Rooney?
  161. What links Ewan McGregor, Bette Davis and Ben Affleck?
  162. Name the film in which James Corden played Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts
  163. In which of Disney's cartoon features would you find Orville the albatross? a) The Little Mermaid, b) The Rescuers or c) Finding Nemo?
  164. Name the racehorse that dies at the end of Frank Capra's 1950 film Riding High
  165. What's the Christian name of Gary Cooper's titular character in Mr Deeds Goes to Town?
  166. What was the Christian name 'Indiana' Jones was born with?
  167. What connects Robert Downey in Iron Man, Ellen Page in Hard Candy, Sean Penn in All the King's Men and James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause?
  168. Which major Hollywood star made two black-and-white films in 2005 and 2006?
  169. What kind of racing car does Steve McQueen drive in Le Mans? a) Ferrari, b) Bugatti, or c) Porsche?
  170. In which film would you find the characters David Caravaggio, Katharine Clifton and Count Laszlo de Almasy?
  171. 'Fish and chips!' is the last line of which Laurel & Hardy feature? a) Way Out West, b) Swiss Miss, or c) Saps at Sea?
  172. What connects Hayley Mills, Liza Minnelli and Diane Keaton?
  173. In which film would you encounter the characters Harold Zidler, Satine and Toulouse-Lautrec?
  174. Musically, what connects Fiddler on the Roof, Mamma Mia! and Cabaret
  175. Which of the major Hollywood studios released The Dark Knight?
  176. Where was the actress Michelle Yeoh born? a) China, b) Malaysia, or c) Hong Kong?
  177. In which country is Hellboy discovered at the beginning of his first screen adventure?
  178. Who first played Tom Clancy's hero Jack Ryan in films?
  179. In which film would you find The Cooler King, Big X and The Scrounger?
  180. Who played Jack Driscoll in the 2005 version of King Kong?
  181. Which actor fought on the side of the Clanton gang in both My Darling Clementine (1946) and Gunfight at the OK Corral (1956)?
  182. From what are the sick children suffering in Nanny McPhee?
  183. Which Johnny Cash song has provided the title for films made in 1961, 1991, 2000, 2001 and 2003?
  184. In which South American country do the Quantum of Solace bad guys plan to control the water supply?
  185. What connects John Cusack, Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson?
  186. What's the name of the character played by Leslie Nielsen in the 'Naked Gun' films?
  187. What links Audie Murphy, Paul Newman, Robert Taylor and Emilio Estevez?
  188. Into what creature does the magician Merlin turn young Wart in Disney's The Sword in the Stone?
  189. Who directed Drugstore Cowboy, Good Will Hunting and Milk?
  190. What's the name of the two-headed llama encountered by Rex Harrison in 1967's Dr Dolittle?
  191. In which film does Ingrid Bergman ask her co-star: 'Where do the noses go?'
  192. What kind of creature was Ferdinand in Babe: a) a duck, b) a bull, or c) a dog?
  193. What's Patsy Kensit's character name in Absolute Beginners: a) Quiche Lorraine, b) Peach Melba, or c) Crepe Suzette?
  194. Who played the victim in Murder on the Orient Express (1974)?
  195. In which film would you find the characters Vashti Snythe, Luz Benedict and Jett Rink?
  196. What connects Olivia de Havilland, Joanne Woodward and Anne Hathaway?
  197. Who wrote the memorable theme music to The Magnificent Seven?
  198. What are Laurel and Hardy selling in their short Towed in a Hole?
  199. What's the name of the ship on which Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver sail in the various film versions of Treasure Island ?
  200. What do Richard Dreyfuss and Danny de Vito sell in Tin Men?
  201. Who is/was Sean Penn's film director father: a) Leo Penn, b) Irving Penn, or c) Arthur Penn?
  202. What connects Jett Rink, Jim Stark and Cal Trask?
  203. What's the song Bill Murray hears every day at 6am on his bedside radio in Groundhog Day?
  204. What country do the bobsled team represent in Cool Runnings?
  205. Who was H R Pufnstuf in the 1970 film based on the TV series?
  206. What are the bad guys looking for in the Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn thriller Charade?
  207. What sport is played during James Ivory's film Maurice?
  208. In which American state is the Little Miss Sunshine pageant held, in the film of that name?
  209. From what disease does Edward Norton die at the end of the 2006 version of The Painted Veil?
  210. Where does Angelina Jolie work in Changeling?
  211. Ten films, rather than five, used to be nominated for Best Picture Oscars. What won the last year this occurred, in 1943?
  212. Which airport forms the backdrop to The VIPs?
  213. Who played the Scarecrow in The Wiz, the 1978 adaptation of The Wizard of Oz?
  214. Which actor originally played Albus Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films?
  215. In which Disney feature cartoon are animals in love described as 'twitterpated'?
  216. What is James Dean's character name in Giant?
  217. Who directed Casablanca?
  218. Name Lloyd Bridges' two acting sons
  219. Give the full name of the character played by Orson Welles in Citizen Kane
  220. Which future star actress played Steven Seagal's teenage daughter in Under Siege 2?
  221. What's the name of the Hitchcock film in which the villain falls from the Statue of Liberty?
  222. In which classic sci-fi film are the leading characters called Miles and Becky?
  223. Who won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in the 2002 film The Pianist?
  224. What's the name of Humphrey Bogart's detective agency in The Maltese Falcon ?
  225. Which Hollywood superstar appeared opposite a dog at the age of 11 in 1943's Lassie Come Home?
  226. In what year were the first Academy Awards presented? a) 1927, b ) 1928, or c) 1929?
  227. Which star-to-be plays 'Anytime Annie' in Gold Diggers of 1933?
  228. From which MGM musical does the novelty number Triplets come?
  229. What connects Bernard Bresslaw, Robin Williams and Gene Hackman?
  230. What's the name of of the Grand National horse ridden by Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet?
  231. What's the name of the blue-skinned people's planet in James Cameron's Avatar?
  232. What's the name of the female Terminator out to kill John Connor in Terminator 3?
  233. What's the name of the hound in Disney's The Fox and The Hound?
  234. What was unusual about Bette Davis's first and second films in colour?
  235. Which famous Italian director was murdered in November 1975?
  236. What's the name of Warren Beatty's Las Vegas hotel/casino in Bugsy?
  237. Who sang the title song from Joan Crawford's western Johnny Guitar?
  238. From which film does the line 'I've got a brain for business and a bod for sin' come?
  239. What's the Christian name of James Stewart's character in Mr Smith Goes to Washington?
  240. What's James Stewart's home town called in It's a Wonderful Life?
  241. Which two animated characters were introduced to audiences in the 1949 cartoon Fast and Furry-ous?
  242. Who is the youngest-ever winner of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar?
  243. What's the name of the man-eating plant in the 1986 film Little Shop of Horrors?
  244. What famous cowboy star did Bruce Willis portray in Sunset?
  245. What links Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts, Mel Gibson and Nicole Kidman?
  246. What's the name of the evil Persian cat in the 'Cats & Dogs' films?
  247. To what does the title in St Elmo's Fire refer?
  248. In which sport did 'Tarzan' Johnny Weissmuller win gold medals at two Olympic games?
  249. Which detective of fiction and films lived at 56B Whitehaven Mansions?
  250. In which of their musicals do Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dance "The Continental"?
  251. What odd fact links the 1999 film October Sky with the book on which it's based, Rocket Boys?
  252. Name the first three 'Bourne' films with Matt Damon
  253. Who played the title role in the 2004 musical The Phantom of the Opera?
  254. What Righteous Brothers classic is playing during the 'potter's wheel' love scene in Ghost?
  255. Who is the only actor to have committed suicide twice on film by walking into the sea?
  256. What's the name of the equine hero of Steven Spielberg's War Horse?
  257. What was the name of Kim Novak's Siamese cat in Bell, Book and Candle?
  258. Whose home village is Halloweentown?
  259. Who was the first actor to play Leslie Charteris' famous character The Saint in films?
  260. What is the name of Quint's fishing boat in Jaws?
  261. Fill in the missing number in the film title -- Paces to Baker Street
  262. What links Barbara Windsor's character in Carry On Girls with Meryl Streep and Colin Firth?
  263. What colour hat does does Disney's Goofy normally wear?
  264. In an advert for what product did James Dean make an early appearance?
  265. What famous movie song does Malcolm McDowell sing in A Clockwork Orange?
  266. MI5 once investigated whether Israel Thornstein was an alias of which British-born Hollywood star?
  267. What interrupted David Niven as he was speaking at the 1974 Oscars? a) Heckler, b) Streaker, or c) Power cut?
  268. To what does the title of Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket refer?
  269. What links West Side Story, My Own Private Idaho and Forbidden Planet?
  270. Which Disney feature cartoon contains a version of The Wind in the Willows?
  271. For which film did Jennifer Lawrence win an Academy Award in 2013?
  272. Which Hollywood star put his film career on hold in the early 1990s to take a stab at boxing?
  273. What kind of animals are the heroes of Disney's G-Force?
  274. What's the name of the actress who was Tom Cruise's first wife?
  275. Why were the Oscar ceremonies of 1981 postponed for 24 hours?
  276. Which US actor was the top moneymaking star for five consecutive years from 1978?
  277. Which famous pop star provided the voice of Shang in Disney's Mulan?
  278. Which Hollywood actress has been married to actors Ethan Hawke and Gary Oldman?
  279. Which famous writer did Gregory Peck play in Beloved Infidel?
  280. Which cartoon family has children called Violet and Dash?
  281. Name the only film in which pianist Liberace starred
  282. In which film does Julia Roberts play a character who impersonates film star Julia Roberts?
  283. When was the famous 'HOLLYWOOD' sign erected? a) 1920, b) 1923, or c) 1926?
  284. What kind of bird is Sven in Happy Feet Two?
  285. What number juror is Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men?
  286. Which British comedy star's real surname is Beckingham?
  287. In which of his films does director Alfred Hitchcock appear in a newspaper ad for a slimming process?
  288. Name the establishment at which Liza Minnelli performs in Cabaret
  289. Who is the most-filmed author of the 20th century?
  290. Which American city forms the backdrop for the 1996 Robin Williams comedy The Birdcage?
  291. "Shut up and deal' is the last line of which film classic?
  292. What's the only Best Picture Oscar-winner whose title ends with an exclamation mark?
  293. What sport do Richard Gere and Julia Roberts watch in Pretty Woman?
  294. which singer played a fencing instructor in the 007 thriller Die Another Day?
  295. Who is the only Hollywood actor to star in two films that begin with the word 'saving'?
  296. What links Martin Sheen, Greg Kinnear, Cliff Robertson and Patrick Dempsey?
  297. RoboCop has recently been remade with Joel Kinnaman. But who played the title role in the 1987 original?
  298. Which Bruce Willis film is based on a novel that was a sequel to the 1968 film The Detective?
  299. In what suit suit is 007's poker-winning royal flush in Casino Royale?
  300. What links Jodie Foster, Robert De Niro and Cybill Shepherd?
  301. Who voiced Dorothy Gale in the 1971 cartoon featureJourney Back to Oz? (You might guess this!)
  302. Who said and in what film: 'I am only a poor corrupt official"?
  303. Who is the only wife of a future US president to win an Oscar?
  304. What old song does HAL the computer sing when his circuits are being disconnected in 2001: A Space Odyssey?
  305. What was the name of Blondie's husband in the 1940s' comedy series?
  306. What links Soren, Hedwig and Archimedes?
  307. Who directed Dr No, From Russia with Love and Thunderball?
  308. What make is the flying car in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?
  309. What iconic 1960s film saw all three of its main stars dead within five years?
  310. What instrument does Marilyn Monroe's Sugar Kane play in Some Like It Hot?
  311. What instrument does Robert De Niro's character play in New York, New York?
  312. What kind of giant fish does Spencer Tracy's character catch in The Old Man and the Sea?
  313. What is Scarlett O'Hara's real first name in Gone With the Wind?
  314. Which Disney cartoon classic is based on Ward Greene's story Happy Dan the Whistling Dog?
  315. What was Kenneth More's occupation in The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw?
  316. What name does the Indian boy give to the tiger in Life of Pi?
  317. Which of these actresses did NOT star in an Alfred Hitchcock film: a) Maureen O'Hara, b) Doris Day, c) Marlene Dietrich, or d) Susan Hayward?
  318. Which future game-show host was top-billed in the first 'Carry On' film, but never made another?
  319. Which sport features in the films Tin Cup and The Legend of Bagger Vance?
  320. What connects fire, ice and mansions?
  321. Which of these iconic Hollywood actresses has never won an Academy Award (honorary Oscars don't count): a) Joan Crawford, b) Barbara Stanwyck, c) Loretta Young, or d) Ginger Rogers?
  322. What's the principal Far East setting for Sylvester Stallone's 2008 revamp of Rambo?
  323. In which Italian city is the original The Italian Job set?
  324. In which Batman film does the Batwing aircraft make its appearance?
  325. Operation Grand Slam features in which James Bond thriller?
  326. From which musical does the song We Kiss in a Shadow come? a) Kismet, b) Flower Drum Song, or c) The King and I?
  327. Which was the first of the 'Road' films, starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour?
  328. To which religion did Elizabeth Taylor convert in 1959?
  329. Which popular young actress played George Clooney's daughter in The Descendants?
  330. In which film do Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire dance together as 'The Babbitt and the Bromide'?
  331. What was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon to be released?
  332. Who sang the theme song to Mel Brooks' comedy western Blazing Saddles?
  333. Which 2001 film stars Michael Caine, Helen Mirren, Tom Courtenay and Bob Hoskins?
  334. Haddonfield is the main centre of the action in which horror film series?
  335. Which Oscar-nominated film of the 2000s is based on Upton Sinclair's novel Oil!?
  336. What does a foley artist add to a film after shooting is completed?
  337. What hugely popular film trllogy was set in Hill Valley, California?
  338. What instrument does Jack Lemmon 'play' in Some Like It Hot?
  339. Filmwise, what links Wallace, Glenn and Harrison?
  340. Name the only film Warren Beatty and Vivien Leigh made together
  341. What giant fish was Spencer Tracy trying to catch in The Old Man and the Sea?
  342. What is the famous last line in the various versions of Little Women?
  343. Name the gangster played by Bob Hoskins in The Long Good Friday?
  344. Name the gun-toting raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy? And which Hollywood star voices him?
  345. How many eggs does Paul Newman eat in one hour in Cool Hand Luke?
  346. Who played Thunderbolt and Lightfoot?
  347. Who are Riff, Tony, Action, A-Rab, Big Deal, Snowboy, Diesel, Gee-Tar, Baby John, Tiger and Mouthpiece?
  348. What is fictional boxer Rocky Balboa's real first name?
  349. How many films did Johnny Weissmuller make as Tarzan? a) 7, b) 10, c) 12, or d) 15?
  350. What is peculiar about the host and hostess of The Halfway House in Ealing Studios' famous fantasy?
  351. What links Jamie Foxx, Jeff Bridges and Robert Duvall?
  352. In which film does Kirk Douglas play a character called Dempsey Rae?
  353. Which British-born Hollywood star was given four special Oscars but never won one for a film performance?
  354. Which tennis star has a small role in the action fantasy Pixels?
  355. What kind of building is set on fire at the end of the 1931 Frankenstein?
  356. Filmwise, what have the names Jack, Dick, Henry and Cleo in common?
  357. Which actor starred in the three 1990s' movies known as the Beige Volvo Trilogy?
  358. Which actor was on the side of the Clantons in both My Darling Clementine and Gunfight at the OK Corral?
  359. Who played Porgy and Bess in the 1959 film of the famous musical?
  360. In which film does the central character say 'You mustn't give your heart to a wild thing'?
  361. In which of his films does Oliver Reed play a character called Ivan Dragomiloff?
  362. In which film do Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin dress up as Father Christmases?
  363. Which silent/early sound film star has a rum and maraschino cocktail named after them?
  364. What was the first cartoon feature to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?
  365. What is Patrick Swayze's character's occupation in Ghost?
  366. Bollywood's Ghanta awards are the equivalent of which Hollywood institution?
  367. Which Hollywood canine star was named after a French (girl) doll?
  368. What's the name of the mansion probed by paranormal investigators in the 1963 and 1999 films The Haunting?
  369. What's the name of the spacecraft in 2001: A Space Odyssey?
  370. What was Johnny Depp's character's occupation in Sleepy Hollow?
  371. What's the name of Belle's beloved horse in Disney's Beauty and the Beast?
  372. 'A-level movie' is a cryptic clue to which Oscar-winning film?
  373. Which silent screen star is said to have popularised the fashion of painting toenails?
  374. For which two films did Sally Field win Academy Awards?
  375. 'I thought it would be better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody' is a line from which 1999 film?
  376. In the 2014 film Serena, who took the title role. a) Jennifer Lawrence, b) Jennifer Aniston, or c) Jennifer Garner?
  377. In which cartoon feature did Nicole Kidman voice a penguin called Norma Jean?
  378. What's Doc Brown's first name in the Back to the Future films?
  379. In the Burt Lancaster film Come Back, Little Sheba, what is Little Sheba?
  380. What does the movie star played by Bill Murray go to Japan to advertise in Lost in Translation?
  381. Which champion boxer did Russell Crowe play in Cinderella Man ?
  382. Name the dancing penguin in the 'Happy Feet' films
  383. What is Captain America's real name?
  384. Which Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton starrer is largely set in Haiti?
  385. To which South American country do Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner travel in Romancing the Stone?
  386. Singer/DJ Jimmy Young, who died in November 2016, had a number 1 hit with the theme from which 1955 film?
  387. Which future UK comedy star played the title role in 1961's Cover Girl Killer?
  388. Who voices the demi-god Maui in Disney's Moana?
  389. Which star actor voiced Mr Fox in Fantastic Mr Fox?
  390. Which iconic British actress voices the Dormouse in the two 'Alice in Wonderland' films of 2010 and 2016?
  391. What American state provides the setting for The Music Man?
  392. In which film noir thriller does war veteran William Bendix complain about 'monkey music'?
  393. In which Marx Bros comedy does Groucho sing Lydia the Tattooed Lady?
  394. Which post-1970s actor has made the most sequels? a) Tom Cruise, b) Vin Diesel, c) Roger Moore, or d) Hugh Jackman
  395. Name two of the three films for which Jack Nicholson has won Oscars
  396. Which superstar-to-be made an early film appearance in 1988 in Return of the Killer Tomatoes!
  397. Which comedy cartoon/live action character works at Slate and Company?
  398. What was the last black and white movie to win an Oscar for Best Film?
  399. What sci-fi/fantasy hero grew up on the planet Tattooine?
  400. Who were the two male stars of the 1952 version of Jack and the Beanstalk?
  401. Which famous actor appeared as King Richard in Kevin Costner's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves?
  402. What's the name of the Berlin Film Festival's best film award?
  403. In which 1950s film did Ronald Reagan co-star with a chimpanzee?
  404. Which film company released John Wayne's film The Quiet Man?
  405. In which Monty Python film does the 'dead parrot' sketch appear?
  406. Which of 'The Rat Pack' died last? a) Frank Sinatra, b) Dean Martin, c) Peter Lawford, or d) Sammy Davis Jr?
  407. Which UK singer made his screen debut in Serious Charge (1959)?
  408. What's the name of Dumbo's mother in the Disney cartoon classic?
  409. Which ex England footballer made his film debut as a projectionist in The Man from UNCLE?
  410. What well-known British actress has the middle names Charlotte Duerre?
  411. Who played the title duo in 1994's Natural Born Killers?
  412. In Danny Kaye's The Court Jester, which receptacle ends up holding the pellet with the poison?
  413. Who plays the title role in Mad Max - Fury Road?
  414. Which actress played the title roles in Annie Oakley, Stella Dallas and The File on Thelma Jordon?
  415. What was the name of the nasty restaurant critic in Disney's Ratatouille?
  416. In which films would you meet a) Travis Bickle, b) Lina Lamont and c) Hedley Lamarr?
  417. In which of his starring roles does Harrison Ford play a character called John Book?
  418. Who directed the 1969 movie Easy Rider?
  419. Which British actor played fictional sleuths The Toff and Paul Temple in the 1950s?
  420. Tab Hunter, Holly Hunter, Jeffrey Hunter, Kim Hunter. Who's the odd one out?
  421. How many actors have been in all six 'Mission: Impossible' films to date (2018)?
  422. What was the name of the ill-fated horse in The Godfather: a) Marrakesh, b) Casablanca, or c) Khartoum?
  423. How many films did Anthony Newley and Anne Aubrey appear in together in the late 1950s and early 1960s? a) 3, b) 6, or c) 9?
  424. The lyric 'by the light of the silvery moon' appears in two Doris Day musicals. What are they?
  425. As of 2019, what was the last film made in black and white to win the Best Picture Oscar?
  426. In what unusual way did film star Linda Darnell die in 1965?
  427. Which Star Wars character hails from the planet Corellia?
  428. What value coin is George Raft always spinning in Scarface ?
  429. In which South American city is the action set, in Gilda (1946) ?
  430. What's the name of the monkey in the cartoon and live-action versions of Disney's Aladdin ?
  431. In which film do Matt Damon and Heath Ledger play siblings ?
  432. Which famous Hollywood comedian of yesteryear was born in Eltham, South London, in 1903?
  433. What was the name of the restaurant where our eponymous canines shared spaghetti in Lady and the Tramp?
  434. What links Winona Ryder, Saoirse Ronan, June Allyson and Katharine Hepburn?
  435. The carcass of which animal does Leonardo diCaprio hide inside in The Revenant?
  436. In which animal's skull do the three hyenas hide in the 1994 The Lion King?
  437. Who was the author of the book on which the much-filmed The Lady Vanishes was based: a) Agatha Christie, b) Dorothy L Sayers, c) Ethel Lina White, or d) Edgar Wallace?
  438. In which film does Robert Shaw order red wine with grilled sole?
  439. What's the name of Jack Hawkins' ship in The Cruel Sea?
  440. Fill in the Missing Month 1: First Monday in ---- (1981)
  441. Fill in the missing month 2: Seven Days in ---- (1964)
  442. Fill in the missing month 3: The Two Faces of ---- (2014)
  443. Fill in the missing month 4: Two Weeks in ---- (1967)
  444. Fill in the missing month 5: A Cold Wind in ---- (1961)
  445. Fill in the missing month 6: ---- or Die (1977)
  446. Fill in the missing month 7: Hot Enough for ---- (1964)
  447. Fill in the missing month 8: Sweet ---- (1968 & 2001)
  448. Fill in the missing month 11: ---- Boys (2007)
  449. Fill in the missing film 12: Summer in .... (2013)
  450. What was Joel McCrea's only UK film?
  451. What was Paul Newman's only UK film?
  452. What was James Stewart's only UK film?
  453. What was Gary Cooper's only UK film?
  454. What was James Cagney's only UK film?
  455. What was Frank Sinatra's only UK film?
  456. In which sports-oriented British film would you find Hounslow Harriers?
  457. In Disney's The Little Mermaid what kind of creatures are Flotsam and Jetsam?
  458. Which British actor starred in two different films in the 1950s where he was marooned (with others) on a desert island?
  459. The cocktail named after which cartoon character contains pineapple, orange and lemon juices, plus blue curacao?
  460. In which James Bond film does John Cleese play 'Q'?
  461. The last two words of which Humphrey Bogart film are 'Geronimo, Mike...'?
  462. What connects Mary Pickford and Alexis Smith?