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Our movie quiz question lists

Moderately easy questions

  1. What's the name of the detective played by Sidney Poitier in In the Heat of the Night?
  2. What does Adam Sandler discover in Click that changes his life?
  3. Which star actor did Lauren Bacall marry in 1945?
  4. Name the character played by Halle Berry in the X-Men films
  5. How many Sheffield strippers were on stage at the end of The Full Monty?
  6. For which brand of cosmetics is Andie MacDowell spokesperson?
  7. Who plays Dupree in You, Me & Dupree?
  8. What did Forrest Gump's mother (Sally Field) liken life to?
  9. What is the name of the automobile 'hero' in the animated feature Cars?
  10. What Steve McQueen classic was based on a book called Mute Witness?
  11. What is Tom Hanks' volleyball companion called in Cast Away?
  12. In which film did James Dean play a character called Jett Rink?
  13. Was Audrey Hepburn born in a) France, b) Belgium, or c) England?
  14. In which film does Marilyn Monroe's character says she keeps her underwear in the ice-box?
  15. What do Disney's seven dwarfs dig for in their mines? Is it a) gold, b) coal, or c) diamonds?
  16. To which star is Ashton Kutcher presently married?
  17. What was The African Queen? a) a missionary, b) ? jungle goddess, or c) a boat?
  18. Which British leading lady of the 50s and 60s plays the Queen Mother in The Queen?
  19. On which 70s film is the 2006 movie Poseidon based?
  20. What is wrong with the Wanted posters in Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves?
  21. In what film does Charlie Chaplin's adventurer eat his own boot?
  22. Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo. Which Marx Brother is missing?
  23. How many roles does Alec Guinness play in Kind Hearts and Coronets? a) three, b) six, or c) eight?
  24. Who was Angelina Jolie's first husband? Was a) Brad Pitt, b) Jonny Lee Miller, or c) Billy Bob Thornton?
  25. In which of their films did Laurel and Hardy sing The Trail of the Lonesome Pine?
  26. What is Spiderman's real name?
  27. What is Shrek? Is he a) a goblin, b) a giant, or c) an ogre?
  28. Which British-born actress was twice married to Richard Burton?
  29. Name the young lion in ?The Lion King
  30. What grisly obect turns up in a bed in The Godfather? a) a pig's head, b) a horse's head, or c)a human head?
  31. Is Steve Martin in Roxanne a) a policeman, b) an innkeeper, or c) a fire chief?
  32. What links Alan Ladd, Robert Redford, Leonardo di Caprio and Warner Baxter?
  33. What colour is The Maltese Falcon? a) white, b) gold, or c) black?
  34. In which Disney film would you find mad Madam Mim?
  35. Richard Greene starred in the 1950s' TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood. But what was the film version called?
  36. What is Ben Affleck's acting brother's name?
  37. What is the romantic song played when Disney's Lady and the Tramp dine together?
  38. In which country is the hotel Queen Latifah visits in Last Holiday?
  39. In what American city is Tom Cruise's Collateral set?
  40. How does Jamie Foxx's brother die when they are children in Ray?
  41. In which film does Danny Zuko lead the T-Birds gang?
  42. What's the name of the Berlin nightspot where Liza Minnelli entertains in Cabaret?
  43. What's the name of the hotel where Jack Nicholson takes over as caretaker in The Shining?
  44. In which art gallery does the action start in The Da Vinci Code?
  45. Name the sequel to The Mask
  46. Name the musical play that Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick put on in The Producers
  47. Who played Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express (1974)?
  48. In which play does Gwyneth Paltrow perform in Shakespeare in Love?
  49. In which film did Peter Sellers make his second appearance as Inspector Jacques Clouseau?
  50. From which famous London club do Steve Coogan and Jackie Chan start their journey in Around the World in 80 Days?
  51. Where does Jack Skellington live in The Nightmare Before Christmas?
  52. What connects John Cleese, George Segal, Sean Connery and Kevin Costner?
  53. What's the name of Maxim de Winter's house in Hitchcock's Rebecca?
  54. Who plays the Walter Matthau role in the 2005 remake of Bad News Bears?
  55. Name Ben Affleck's acting brother
  56. What connects Kurt Russell, Kevin Costner, James Garner and Henry Fonda?
  57. What are Johnny Depp's little helpers called in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
  58. Which classic British film of 1940 was remade by Hollywood four years later?
  59. The spectacular burning of which city is depicted in Gone With the Wind?
  60. How many 'Magnificent Seven' films did Yul Brynner make? a) one, b) two, or c) three?
  61. In which city did the Ghost Busters operate in the 1984 film?
  62. 'The Germans wore grey, you wore blue,' is a line from which film?
  63. What's Eliza Doolittle's father's occupation in My Fair Lady?
  64. What's Russell Crowe's character name in Gladiator?
  65. Name Christopher Lee's character in The Man with the Golden Gun
  66. What do Laurel and Hardy try to sell in the heat of summer in Big Business? a) pianos, b) Christmas trees, or c) refrigerators
  67. Where is the location for Hitchcock's The Birds? a) Bodega Bay, b) Long Island, or c) Malibu Beach?
  68. What does Paul Newman have to eat a lot of in Cool Hand Luke? a) worms, b) potatoes, or c) eggs?
  69. What word connects a Disney cartoon heroine with films starring Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock?
  70. Which desert is mapmaker Ralph Fiennes charting in The English Patient? a) Gobi, b) Kalahari, or c) Sahara?
  71. What word connects films featuring Cher, Cameron Diaz and Catherine Zeta-Jones?
  72. Who was America's top box-office star from 1978 to 1982?
  73. In which of their films do Laurel & Hardy sing Trail of the Lonesome Pine?
  74. In which film does Groucho Marx tell Margaret Dumont 'Marry me and I'll never look at any other horse'?
  75. In which English town is the shoe factory of Kinky Boots? a) Northampton, b) Nottingham, or c) Nantwich?
  76. Which English county did the Calendar Girls come from? a) Lancashire, b) Derbyshire, or c) Yorkshire?
  77. To which throne does John Goodman succeed in King Ralph? a) British, b) Ruritanian, or c) Danish?
  78. What speed must the bus NOT drop below to avoid being blown up in Speed? a) 50mph, b) 60mph, or c) 70mph?
  79. The Oscar-winning L.A.Confidential was based on a novel by a) Walter Mosley, b) Ed McBain, or c) James Ellroy?
  80. What is Grace Kelly's occupation in Rear Window a) photographer, b) nurse, or c) fashion model?
  81. On the reverse of which US icon is the treasure map found in National Treasure?
  82. Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo. Which ninja turtle is missing?
  83. What's the (Christian) name of Jack Palance's trail boss in the City Slickers films?
  84. What make of car does Christopher Lloyd drive to go Back to the Future?
  85. What is the name of Harry Potter's snowy owl? a) Ingrid, b) Hedwig, or c) Bianca?
  86. Which screen cowboy of the 1940s rode a horse called Champion?
  87. Which European country does Queen Latifah visit on her Last Holiday?
  88. Why does Boris Karloff's creature in Frankenstein first walk with his arms outstretched in front of him?
  89. To what is Frank Sinatra addicted in The Man with the Golden Arm? a) cocaine, b) alcohol, or c) heroin?
  90. What was the name of cowboy star Roy Rogers' horse? a) Champion, b) Silver, or c) Trigger?
  91. Who played Dr Who in the mid-Sixties films based on the popular TV series?
  92. What does Cameron Diaz do for a living in The Holiday?
  93. Which English football team does Kuno Becker sign for in Goal!
  94. Which western outlaw does Paul Newman play in The Left-Handed Gun?
  95. Which country are Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett travelling through when she is hit by a bullet in Babel?
  96. What kind of car does Jessica Tandy own in Driving Miss Daisy? a) Buick, b) Packard, or c) Chrysler?
  97. Where is Eminem's 8 Mile set? a) Chicago, b) New York, or c) Detroit?
  98. For what trophy does Lightning McQueen compete in the animated feature Cars?
  99. How many times before 2007 has Peter O'Toole been nominated for an Oscar?
  100. What kind of dog is Reese Witherspoon's Bruiser in Legally Blonde?
  101. Which Shakespearian role does Lady Viola (Gwyneth Paltrow) get in Shakespeare in Love?
  102. What did Anthony Hopkins sell at 84 Charing Cross Road?
  103. In which country was Keanu Reeves born? a) Lebanon, b) Hawaii, or c) Canada?
  104. Name the island on which Whisky Galore! is set: a) Moray, b) Harris, or c) Todday?
  105. From which American state does Sissy Spacek come in Coal Miner's Daughter?
  106. In which prehistoric town do The Flintstones live?
  107. Which Meditteranean island provides the setting for Dirk Bogarde's The High Bright Sun? a) Malta, b) Cyprus, or c) Crete?
  108. What country does Sally Field journey to, in Not Without My Daughter?
  109. Of which bankrupt country is Groucho Marx made president in Duck Soup? a) Ruritania, b) Freedonia, or c) Sylvania?
  110. What sort of dog was Beethoven?
  111. What's the first story Renee Zellweger sells to a publisher in Miss Potter?
  112. Near which mountains is the 1931 Frankenstein set? a) Pyrenees, b) Carpathians, or c) Tyrolean Alps?
  113. What's the name of the metal that can deprive Superman of his powers?
  114. What's the character name of the heavyweight champ Sylvester Stallone fights in the first two Rocky films?
  115. Which future star played drug-fuelled celebrity Johnny Squares in Clint Eastwood's The Dead Pool?
  116. What kind of bird was the hero of the cartoon Valiant?
  117. What kind of birds sing That's What Friends Are For in Disney's The Jungle Book?
  118. What is Hugh Grant's 1980s' boy band called in Music and Lyrics?
  119. In which American city is The Maltese Falcon set?
  120. In which century is the 1995 film Rob Roy set?
  121. Which 2005 film contains the line 'I wish I knew how to quit you'?
  122. What character does Brad Pitt play in Troy? a) Odysseus, b) Paris, or c) Achilles?
  123. What relation, if any, is teen star Emma Roberts to Julia Roberts?
  124. What connects Steve Martin with Gerard Depardieu and Jose Ferrer?
  125. What famous 1939 movie was remade as a musical 30 years later?
  126. What is James Bond's favourite aperitif?
  127. Which classic film was memorably described by the New York Times as 'just a huge, thundering camel-opera'?
  128. What strange coincidence connects the two 1960 films City of the Dead and Psycho?
  129. Who played the title role in the fantasy adventure Elektra?
  130. Which European city forms the setting for the majority of Don't Look Now?
  131. For which film did Nicole Kidman win an Academy Award in 2003?
  132. What connects Oga's Cantina and Ronto Roasters?
  133. Which classic weepie sold itself with the line 'Love means never having to say you're sorry'?
  134. Who voices Rocky, the 'flying' rooster in Chicken Run ?
  135. Which leg has James Stewart broken at the start of Rear Window?
  136. What is the only cartoon feature to which Johnny Depp has contributed a voice?
  137. Which company supplies all Wile E Coyote's gadgets in the Warner Brothers cartoons?
  138. What sport does Richard Harris play in This Sporting Life?
  139. Name one of Albert Finney's two leading ladies in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
  140. Which absent king does Errol Flynn fight for, in The Adventures of Robin Hood?
  141. Which of the Marx Brothers had the real first name of Julius?
  142. What connects Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson and Tom Cruise?
  143. What connects Madonna, Jamie Lee Curtis and Julie Andrews?
  144. What musical instrument does Emily Watson play in Hilary & Jackie?
  145. What connects Belinda, guitar, handsome and English?
  146. In which American city is the musical Hairspray set? a) New York, b) Nashville, or c) Baltimore?
  147. What sort of birds sing When I See an Elephant Fly from Disney's Dumbo?
  148. What's wrong with the Wanted posters in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves?
  149. In which 'Carry On' film does Fenella Fielding ask Harry H Corbett whether he minds if she smokes?
  150. What gravity-defying substance does Fred MacMurray invent in The Absent-Minded Professor?
  151. From which Rodgers and Hammerstein musical does the song Getting to Know You come? a) Carousel, b) The King and I, or c) The Sound of Music?
  152. Multiply the number of Charlotte A Cavatica's legs by the number of Police Academy films
  153. What is unique about the name of the chef Auguste Gusteau in Disney's Ratatouille?
  154. Which author wrote the books on which The Third Man, The Fallen Idol and Travels with My Aunt were based?
  155. In which film does Lauren Bacall tells Humphrey Bogart that, if he needs her: 'Just whistle'? a) To Have and Have Not, b) The Big Sleep, or c) Dark Passage?
  156. Name Roger's wife in Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  157. Who played Matron Mama Morton in the musical Chicago?
  158. How many times does Dorothy have to click her heels together to get back to Kansas in The Wizard of Oz?
  159. What was Abbott and Costello's only 'fairy-tale' film?
  160. Which UK film certificate made its first appearance in 1951? a) AA, b) X, or c) PG?
  161. What do the initials BAFTA stand for?
  162. Which comedy duo starred in Jumping Jacks and Three Ring Circus?
  163. Which film co-starred Marilyn Monroe with Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall?
  164. What flowers are growing in the field where Dorothy falls asleep in The Wizard of Oz?
  165. What film star was born Issur Danielovitch in 1916?
  166. What tasty titbit is Scrat the prehistoric squirrel forever hunting in the Ice Age films?
  167. In which Coen Brothers film does Albert Finney play an Irish gangster in America?
  168. What was the name of Popeye's mortal enemy?
  169. Which star of the TV series N.C.I.S. was once married to Jim Carrey?
  170. In which film does Goldie Hawn play a woman who loses her memory?
  171. Which pop star made his only major film appearance in 1980's The Jazz Singer?
  172. What are the Christian names of The Blues Brothers?
  173. What sport is featured in For Love of the Game?
  174. What appears on the end of Pinocchio's nose when he goes on telling lies?
  175. Which silent screen actress was known as America's Sweetheart?
  176. In which film does Jim Carrey play a character called Lloyd Christmas?
  177. Which country forms the main setting in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?
  178. What legendary American has been played by Jason Patric, Alan Ladd and Richard Widmark?
  179. With what does Grace Kelly kill the 'burglar' who attacks her in Dial M for Murder? a) a knife, b) a letter opener, or c) scissors?
  180. From which film (and stage) musical does My Funny Valentine come?
  181. How many fingers (including thumb) does Jim Carrey find he has on one hand in Bruce Almighty?
  182. What relation is Donald Duck to Scrooge McDuck?
  183. Which 1970s' film contains the classic line 'Is it safe?' ?
  184. What links Greta Garbo, Sophie Marceau and Vivien Leigh?
  185. What connects Jonny Lee Miller, Brad Pitt and Billy Bob Thornton?
  186. To which holiday destination does the hero travel to forget the title character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?
  187. What was the name of the chimpanzee in the 'Tarzan' films?
  188. Which musical star sang I Hate Men in the film version of Kiss Me Kate?
  189. What is the shortest James Bond film on record?
  190. What connects the John Wayne films Wake of the Red Witch, Sands of Iwo Jima and The Shootist?
  191. Which musical contains the song Kansas City? a) Calamity Jane, b) Oklahoma!, or c) Annie Get Your Gun?
  192. In which country is The Kite Runner set?
  193. What are Willy Wonka's little helpers called in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
  194. What superhero does Chris Evans play in The Fantastic 4 films: a) Fireball, c) Blaze, or c) Human Torch?
  195. How many Oscars did Katharine Hepburn win? a) two, b) three) or c) four?
  196. What does Gene Hackman throw through the boss's office window in All Night Long? a) a chair, b) a computer, or c) the boss?
  197. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, who is the only dwarf who wears spectacles?
  198. How old was James Dean when he was killed in a car crash: a) 24, b) 26, or c) 28?
  199. How many times (up to 2019) has Meryl Streep been nominated for an Oscar: a) 12, b) 15, or c) 21?
  200. In which film does Brad Pitt play a character called Early Grayce?
  201. What colour are Mickey Mouse's shoes?
  202. What's the name of the town Bill Murray visits every day in Groundhog Day?
  203. In which Disney film would you meet Randall Boggs, James P Sullivan and Mike Wazowski?
  204. What were the Christian names of Citizen Kane?
  205. What sort of birds does Marlon Brando tend in On the Waterfront?
  206. Which American actor was known as the Merchant of Menace?
  207. How does Lady Agatha (Alec Guinness) die in Kind Hearts and Coronets?
  208. What is Mickey Rourke's wrestling 'name' in The Wrestler?
  209. As what kind of dog did Sam Neill live a previous life in Dean Spanley?
  210. Name one of the two film biopics about the composer Cole Porter
  211. In which concert arena does the climax to Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) take place?
  212. In which Harry Potter film does Imelda Staunton play the nasty Dolores Umbridge?
  213. Who plays the inventor who dies at the beginning of Edward Scissorhands?
  214. Who played Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond films from 1962 to 1985?
  215. Name Olivia de Havilland's film star sister
  216. What was Michael Douglas' character name in Wall Street?
  217. What was the title of the Judi Dench-Bob Hoskins film about Britain's Windmill Theatre in World War Two?
  218. In which Hitchcock film would you find the characters Scottie Ferguson and Madeleine Elster?
  219. How many 'Road' films did Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour make? a) five b) six or c) seven?
  220. For which newspaper does Clark Kent work in the Superman films?
  221. At what weight does Robert De Niro fight in Raging Bull?
  222. Who played Janet Leigh's sister in Psycho?
  223. What is the subtitle to the first film in the Star Wars series to be made in 1977?
  224. Which British star of the 1930s made Sing As We Go and Queen of Hearts?
  225. What's the name of the piggybank character in the Toy Story films?
  226. Who was the youngest of the four Marx Brothers?
  227. What role does Christopher Lee play in the first two Lord of the Rings films?
  228. Which actor, later a TV superstar, plays the prison-camp traitor in Stalag 17?
  229. What is the surname of the central family in Meet Me in St Louis ?
  230. In what year was Paul Newman's Cool Hand Luke released: a) 1962, b) 1967, or c) 1970?
  231. What's the surname of the sisters in the various film versions of Little Women?
  232. What's the name of Imelda Staunton's pink-clad character in the Harry Potter films?
  233. What is the first book Renee Zellweger sells as Beatrix Potter in Miss Potter?
  234. The stars of which 1950s' Hollywood film were a) killed in a car crash, b) drowned and c) murdered in real life?
  235. What was the murder weapon used in Hitchcock's Frenzy?
  236. What is the subtitle to Pirates of the Caribbean 2?
  237. In which Oscar-winning film would you find Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski?
  238. Is Lightning McQueen a) an actor, b) a comic-book superhero, or c) a car?
  239. What are the names of the chipmunks who plague Donald Duck in the Disney cartoons?
  240. Name all three female stars in The First Wives Club
  241. What is the name of the dog in the 'Asterix' films? a) Caninicus, b) Houndus, or c) Dogmatix?
  242. Which actress played characters called Madeleine and Judy in an Alfred Hitchcock film?
  243. Who is the only one of Disney's seven dwarfs who wears spectacles?
  244. On what instrument is the memorable theme to The Third Man played?
  245. What kind of pets does Marlon Brando keep in On the Waterfront?
  246. In which award-winning film does Mickey Rourke play Randy 'The Ram' Robinson?
  247. What's Tom Cruise's character name in the Mission: Impossible films? a) Ethan Hawke, b) Ethan Wayne, or c) Ethan Hunt?
  248. How many children is Julie Andrews governess to in The Sound of Music?
  249. What's Mr Ocean's Christian name in the Ocean's Eleven films?
  250. To what organisation do the Calendar Girls belong in the 2003 film?
  251. Which cartoon character's theme song starts with 'Who's got the sweetest disposition?'
  252. What's the name of the tiger in the Ice Age cartoon films?
  253. Name the year of The Magnificent Seven, BUtterfield 8 and Ocean's 11.
  254. 'How I dangle' is an anagram of which blonde American star of the 1970s and 1980s?
  255. What's the name of Mrs Potts' son in Disney's Beauty and the Beast?
  256. What 1940s' film connects Hanks, Haymes and Hamlin?
  257. What was Tom Hanks' and Meg Ryan's first film together?
  258. In which adventure story, filmed several times, would you find the Admiral Benbow inn?
  259. How many bridesmaids' dresses did Katherine Heigl have in a recent romantic comedy?
  260. Who ranks second to Meryl Streep in total Oscar nominations?
  261. What links Russell Crowe, Anthony Perkins, Charles Laughton and Robert Newton?
  262. To what other famous director was Oscar-winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow married from 1989 to 1991?
  263. Which modern superstar was born Thomas C Mapother III?
  264. Which modern star's name is an anagram of TO MAN IT WAS?
  265. On which American writer's work did director Roger Corman base most of his 1960s' horror films?
  266. What colour is Sulley, the horned furry creature from Monsters Inc?
  267. In which city is Macaulay Culkin left Home Alone in the 1990 comedy hit?
  268. What's Will Ferrell's character name in the Anchorman films?
  269. In which classic crime drama would you find the characters Tommy DeVito, Paul Cicero and Frankie Carbone?
  270. In what city is the Michael Douglas thriller Black Rain set?
  271. What is the sequel to 3 Men and a Baby?
  272. Which English king does Nigel Hawthorne play in The Madness of King George?
  273. In which country are the diplomats trapped in Argo?
  274. What kind of creature is Sebastian in Disney's The Little Mermaid?
  275. Which actress was memorably described in what film as 'the first Christian martyr to go to the stake in diaphanous blue chiffon'?
  276. Which director exclaimed, after winning an Oscar "I'm the king of the world!"? a) Richard Attenborough, b) James Cameron, or c) Danny Boyle?
  277. Which Oscar-winning actress wrote the children's book The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her Heart?
  278. With which sport are Matt Damon and Will Smith involved in The Legend of Bagger Vance?
  279. In which film does Robert De Niro play Travis Bickle?
  280. What's the name of the bulldog bad guy in both Tom and Jerry and Droopy cartoons?
  281. Which of Australian writer Thomas Keneally's books was turned into a Steven Spielberg film?
  282. In which country was actress Audrey Hepburn born. a) England, b) Holland, or c) Belgium?
  283. What is soldier Alec Guinness' rank in The Bridge on the River Kwai?
  284. To what does the title refer in the film Murder at 1600?
  285. In the Toy Story movies, what does Woody say is in his boot, when his drawstring is pulled? a) a bug, b) a snake, c) a scorpion, or d) a spider?
  286. Which of the following London underground stations does not appear in the title of the a feature film? a) Victoria, b) Brixton, c) Pimlico, or d) Piccadilly?
  287. What is Robert De Niro's only Oscar in a leading role?
  288. In the silent era, what colour lipstick did actresses usually put on?
  289. In which sci-fi film series would you use dilithium crystals as fuel: a) Alien, b) Star Wars, c) Star Trek, or d) The Matrix?
  290. In which famous action film is the villain called Hans Gruber?
  291. What kind of dog was Rin Tin Tin, the canine superstar of silent films?
  292. Which cartoon character is known as Topolino in Italy and Musse Pigg in Sweden?
  293. Who is the only actor, past or present, to have starred in two films starting with the word Saving?
  294. What is the background colour on the UK 12A certificate?
  295. The real Erin Brockovich had a cameo role in the film of her life. What was her character's occupation?
  296. Which actress goes on the run with $40,000 in a famous 1960 chiller?
  297. Which of these comedy teams did NOT appear in a film called Sailor Beware? a) Laurel and Hardy, b) Abbott and Costello, or c) Martin and Lewis
  298. What relation is Emilia Fox to James Fox?
  299. What make of car was James Dean driving when he was killed in 1955?
  300. Which star's autobiography is entitled The Ragman's Son?
  301. What links Blu, Joe Carioca and Captain Flint?
  302. What is Chloe Grace Moretz's nom de plume in the Kick-Ass films?
  303. What's Jack Black's occupation in Gulliver's Travels?
  304. Which Disney character has the middle name Fauntleroy?
  305. Which iconic 1970s film was sold with the tagline 'Catch It'?
  306. What was Ben-Hur's Christian name?
  307. What's hidden inside the doll in Audrey Hepburn's Wait Until Dark?
  308. What classic film contains the line 'We all go a little mad sometimes'?
  309. Who died last - a) Clark Gable, b) Marilyn Monroe, or c) Spencer Tracy?
  310. Which if these stars died last? a) Marilyn Monroe, b) Gary Cooper, or c) Spencer Tracy?
  311. Which recently deceased (2014) comedian's name is an anagram of Mark a lily?
  312. How tall in inches is an Oscar statuette - a) 12 in, b) 13.5 in, or c) 15 in?
  313. What is Will Smith's full first name? a) William, b) Willard, c) Wilbert, or d) Wilfred?
  314. Who is the only person called Oscar to win an Oscar?
  315. What is the middle initial of Warners' cartoon character Elmer Fudd?
  316. Solve the anagram for a 2014 film: 'See churl'
  317. Which present-day actor has appeared in more 'series' pictures than any other?
  318. Nine silent films by which director were added to the UNESCO Register in 2013? a? John Ford, b) Alfred Hitchcock, or c) Fritz Lang?
  319. Which of these actors did NOT star in an Alfred Hitchcock film: a) Henry Fonda, b) Gregory Peck, c) Gary Cooper, or d) Ray Milland?
  320. Which heavyweight actor voices Sully in the Monsters Inc films?
  321. In which film does Christian Bale play a hero who fights dragons?
  322. What sport features in the films The Set Up and Cinderella Man?
  323. What's the colour of the keynote raincoat in Don't Look Now?
  324. Which comedy duo were known as Stan & Pan in Hungary, Flip & Flap in Poland and Dick & Doof in GermanY?
  325. For what newspaper does Spiderman, alias Peter Parker, work: a) The Daily Clarion, b) The Daily Planet, or c) The Daily Bugle?
  326. In which James Bond film does Rosamund Pike play Miranda Frost?
  327. What is Ben Stiller's occupation in the 'Fockers' comedies?
  328. For which planet are the astronauts headed in 2001: A Space Odyssey?
  329. In Singin' in the Rain, what substance was added to water to make the 'rain' more visible?
  330. In the titles of Randolph Scott's many westerns, which word occurs most? a) man, b) gun, c) west
  331. In what country's jail does Renee Zellweger find herself at the end of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason?
  332. Name the three leading actors in the 1978 film The China Syndrome
  333. Why was Treasure Island (1950) significant?
  334. Which 1958 film won nine Academy Awards - none of them for its actors?
  335. Which Hollywood comedy team's real first names were William and Louis?
  336. In which country was Nicole Kidman born?
  337. Which stage-and-screen musical is set in River City, Iowa?
  338. Name the character portrayed by child actor and one-time Bee Gees' drummer Colin Petersen in a 1950s' film
  339. Who are the only acting brothers to have both been nominated for Oscars?
  340. Which Arnold Schwarzenegger film is also the title of his autobiography? Is it a) Last Action Hero, b) The Terminator, c) Total Recall or d) The Running Man?
  341. What city are the bikers headed for in Easy Rider?
  342. Which city forms the backdrop for the Julia Roberts classic Pretty Woman?
  343. Which Julia Roberts film contains the name of a bird?
  344. What kind of jewel is found by the hero and heroine of Romancing the Stone?
  345. How are Stuart, Kevin and Bob better known in the cartoon world?
  346. Which film musical contains the songs When the Children Are Asleep and June is Bustin' Out All Over?
  347. What's the name of The Incredibles' daughter? Clue: it's a colour
  348. In which classic Disney cartoon would you encounter The Twilight Bark?
  349. What links Emily Blunt, Judi Dench, Irene Dunne and Anna Neagle?
  350. What instrument does Cary Grant play in The Bishop's Wife?
  351. Who took the title role in Chaplin's The Kid a) Jackie Cooper, b) Jackie Coogan, or c) Jackie Searle?
  352. In which classic western is the chief bad guy called Frank Miller?
  353. Which Oscar-winning star was born Lucille LeSueur?
  354. Which US metropolis does Gene Nelson visit in Oklahoma!?
  355. Which superhero's real name is Selina Kyle?
  356. Which actor has more Oscar nominations than any other: a) Jack Nicholson, b) Spencer Tracy, or c) James Stewart?
  357. Who played Joan of Arc in the 1999 film of that name?
  358. Which Hollywood star of the 1930s and beyond was born Emmanuel Goldenberg?
  359. How many first dates did Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler share in their 2004 romcom?
  360. Which well-known Hollywood star provided the voice of Shere Khan the tiger in The Jungle Book (1967)?
  361. Which thirties superstar had a cocktail of grenadine and ginger ale named after them?
  362. Who were voted King and Queen of Hollywood in 1938: a) Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, b) Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, or c) Clark Gable and Myrna Loy?
  363. What city provides the backdrop for the original Ghost Busters film?
  364. Who is actress Blythe Danner's famous daughter?
  365. In which film does the Judy Garland character win an Academy Award?
  366. In the 'Zoolander' comedies, what is Zoolander's Christian name?
  367. Which American Indian leader did Jeff Chandler play three times in the 1950s?
  368. Which film (and literary) character lives at 4 Privet Drive?
  369. How many Warner brothers founded the famous Hollywood film company in 1923?
  370. Which English city was home to Pauline Collins' Shirley Valentine?
  371. Which famous comedian was born in England as Arthur Stanley Jefferson?
  372. Which Disney feature cartoon contains the song A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes?
  373. What kind of creature is Chewbacca in the Star Wars films?
  374. How old does James Garner confess he is at the end of Murphy's Romance?
  375. In which Disney cartoon feature would you find Stromboli and Lampwick?
  376. Crack the cryptic clue to a 2016 film: 'Collins' crook trapped by spooks: who you gonna call?'
  377. Who were Chris, Vin, Bernardo, Britt, Lee, Harry and Chico?
  378. Which stage and film actor was Lauren Bacall's second husband?
  379. What was The Maggie?
  380. Warners' cartoon character Road Runner is the state bird of which US state? a) Texas, b) Arizona, or c) New Mexico?
  381. In which film does Patrick McGoohan play King Edward I?
  382. How many times has Sean Connery played James Bond? a) five, b) six, or c) seven?
  383. Which war is the focus of Mel Gibson's We Were Soldiers?
  384. Which war is depicted in the 1976 film Aces High?
  385. Who played 'angry young man' Jimmy Porter in the seminal film Look Back in Anger: a)Albert Finney, b) Tom Courtenay, or c) Richard Burton?
  386. Which comedy hit was remade in 2011 with Russell Brand in the lead?
  387. What links Will Smith, Paul Newman, Russell Crowe, Miles Teller and Robert De Niro?
  388. Where do the scientists encounter The Thing in 1982? a) Greenland, b) Alaska, or c) Antarctica?
  389. What is Shirley Jones's occupation in The Music Man?
  390. What do the Blues Brothers order in Aretha Franklin's Soul Food Cafe in the 1980 film?
  391. In which series of films would you find action taking place in Raccoon City?
  392. Who played the elderly banker who dies laughing at the end of Mary Poppins?
  393. Name the big hit song from Bob Hope's comedy The Paleface
  394. What's the only highest-grossing film in history to lose money?
  395. Which actor won an Oscar for his role in the Coen Brothers' No Country for Old Men?
  396. Which Beatle appears as a nightclub singer in the Madonna vehicle Shanghai Surprise?
  397. For which outlaw is Danny Kaye mistaken in The Court Jester?
  398. Fill in the missing planet 1: Abbott and Costello Go to ---
  399. Fill in the Missing Planet 2: ----'s Daughter
  400. Fill in the missing planet 3: One Touch of ---
  401. Fill in the missing planet 4: ---- Ascending
  402. Fill in the missing planet 5: ---- 3
  403. Fill in the missing planet 6: 20,000,000 Miles to ----
  404. Fill in the missing planet 7: ---- Rising
  405. Fill in the missing planet 8: The Adventures of --- Nash
  406. Which Hollywood star whose real first name is Ramon has acting sons whose real first names are Emilio and Carlos?
  407. In which film do Laurel and Hardy play undergraduates?
  408. New Spider-Man star Tom Holland looks a bit like another UK actor, Jamie Bell. But what else do they have in common?
  409. Name the musical version of Greta Garbo's classic comedy Ninotchka
  410. What were the names of Disney's two cartoon chipmunks from the 1940s and 1950s?
  411. Merida is a princess in which Disney cartoon feature?
  412. Fill in the girl's name 1: A Town Like -----
  413. Fill in the girl's name 2: Nurse -----
  414. Fill in the girl's name 3: There's Something About ------
  415. Fill in the Girl's Name 4: The File on ----- Jordon
  416. Fill in the girl's name 5: Apartment for -----
  417. Fill in the girl's name 6: Blue -----
  418. Fill in the girl's name 7: The Prime of Miss ----- Brodie
  419. Fill in the girl's name 8: My Cousin -----
  420. Which Abbott and Costello comedy film is based on a fairy tale?
  421. Which actress played the title roles in Angel Face, Young Bess, Desiree and Hilda Crane?
  422. Which American actor played the title roles in Billy the Kid (1940), Johnny Eager and Ivanhoe?
  423. Who famously asked to be served milk 'in a dirty glass'?
  424. Who discovered Sandy Claws in Christmas Town?
  425. In which of his films does Arnold Schwarzenegger play a character called Major Dutch Schaefer?
  426. Which is the only film to win Best Picture Oscar with no speaking parts for women?
  427. What was Marilyn Monroe's only British film?
  428. Which screen sleuth made his debut in the 1966 film The Silencers?
  429. Who is the only person to win Oscars for both acting and screenplay-writing (not in the same film) ?
  430. In what unusual way did film star Natalie Wood die in 1981?
  431. What's the occupation of Tevye, the central character in Fiddler on The Roof ?
  432. Which film are Laurel and Hardy shown making at the start of Stan and Ollie ?
  433. How many marriages did the acting Gabor sisters, Eva, Magda and Zsa Zsa, have between them? a) 10, b) 15, or c) 20
  434. Herbert Lom appeared in many of Peter Sellers' 'Pink Panther' comedies. But what was their first film together?
  435. In which of his film comedies does Peter Sellers play a character called Pearly Gates?
  436. Which famous racing driver does Chris Hemsworth portray in Rush?
  437. Which Billy Wilder classic ends with the line 'Shut up and deal'?
  438. "Though you've no reason to go there; and there ain't a soul that you know there" form part of the theme song from which iconic 1950s' western?
  439. What's the name of James Stewart's bank in Its a Wonderful Life?
  440. What was Marilyn Monroe's only UK film?
  441. What was John Wayne's only UK film?
  442. What's the name of Robert De Niro's cat in Meet the Fockers?
  443. Which famous director is actress Drew Barrymore's godfather?
  444. 'Marina mine, set me free' are the opening words of the theme song to which movie?
  445. What do Hitchcock's films Jamaica Inn and The Birds have in common?
  446. What principal colour is Johnny Depp's hat in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
  447. Who played the manic dental patient (1960) and the demon dentist (1986) in Little Shop of Horrors?
  448. What links James Cagney, Barbara Stanwyck and Stan Laurel that 1930s' black-and-white cameras couldn't show?
  449. Which character name links Pinocchio with The Barber of Seville?
  450. Name the villainous penguin in Wallace & Gromit's The Wrong Trousers. Is it a) Beaky Blinders, b) Feathers McGraw, or c) Rockhopper Red?