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Easy questions

  1. What does the 'PG' in film certificates stand for?
  2. Who plays Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean films?
  3. Which actress won an Oscar for her role in Shakespeare in Love?
  4. What relationship is Bridget Fonda to Jane Fonda?
  5. Who played the girl whose horse is taken to The Horse Whisperer?
  6. What magazine does Anne Hathaway work for in The Devil Wears Prada? Is it a) Catwalk, b) Runway, or c) Femmina?
  7. Which musical contains the Oscar-winning song Secret Love?
  8. What is the name of the heroine in Disney's Beauty and the Beast?
  9. Name Leonardo DiCaprio's character in Titanic
  10. Which star of the Harry Potter films also starred in Driving Lessons in 2006?
  11. Which British actress won an Oscar for Gone With the Wind?
  12. One of Sacha Baron Cohen's most famous comedy creations is Borat. Name the other.
  13. Which horror star was known as the Merchant of Menace?
  14. What is Batman's real name?
  15. Which movie sex symbol was married to playwright Arthur Miller?
  16. What is the only James Bond film without a title song?
  17. Which Oscar-winning film contains the line 'Round up the usual suspects"?
  18. What kind of animal is Walt Disney's Pluto? a) Mouse, b) Lion, or c) Dog
  19. Which Swedish-born superstar made her last film in 1941?
  20. Which cartoon cat is always trying to catch a canary called Tweetie Pie?
  21. How many 'Rambo' films has Sylvester Stallone made?
  22. In which 2004 sporting drama does tennis star John McEnroe appear as himself?
  23. What was unusual about George Clooney's film Good Night, and Good Luck?
  24. What is the most common UK cinema name?
  25. What is the subtitle of chapter II of the Star Wars saga?
  26. Who plays Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings films?
  27. Name the tiger in the Ice Age cartoon features
  28. From what musical film does the Oscar-winning song Secret Love come?
  29. What links Kathleen Harrison, Bob Hope and George Burns?
  30. What kind of jewel is The Pink Panther?
  31. In which city had Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman fallen in love before they meet again in Casablanca?
  32. Which British comedian played The Punch and Judy Man?
  33. What position does Sylvester Stallone play for the soccer team of Escape to Victory?
  34. What colour fur does The Grinch have? Is it a) brown, b) green, or c) yellow?
  35. '...and they'll say "why, she wouldn't even hurt a fly",' is the last line of which classic film?
  36. What's the name of Humphrey Bogart's 'gin joint' in Casablanca?
  37. Which film was sold with the slogan 'The man with the hat is back and this time he's brought his Dad'?
  38. What Mediterranean island is home to the Corleone family in The Godfather?
  39. Who is Goldie Hawn's film star daughter?
  40. From what landmark does the villain fall at the end of Hitchcock's Saboteur?
  41. What kind of animal is the cartoon character Pepe le Pew?
  42. In what TV quiz game does James McAvoy participate in Starter for Ten?
  43. From which Disney cartoon feature does the song Under the Sea come?
  44. What colour is the famous bikini Halle Berry wears in Die Another Day?
  45. Which US movie star does Sacha Baron Cohen want to marry in Borat?
  46. What colour (mainly) is Marlin's friend Dory in Finding Nemo? a) green, b) orange, or c) blue?
  47. Which animal is found in bed with Gene Wilder in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* *But Were Afraid to Ask?
  48. In which country does Liam Neeson employ Jews at his factory in Schindler's List?
  49. Who is Owen Wilson's movie star brother?
  50. To which religious group do Gary Cooper and his family belong in Friendly Persuasion?
  51. Which family pet gets electrocuted in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?
  52. What's the desert bird cartoon character Wile E Coyote's always trying to catch?
  53. Is Jumanji a) a lion, b) a board game, or c) a Robin Williams character?
  54. What's the name of the island on which the war scenes from Flags of Our Fathers are set?
  55. Jack Nicholson turns into a Wolf when the moon is a) eclipsed, b) full, or c) half-full?
  56. Was The Bridge on the River Kwai set in a) Burma, b) Japan, or c) Philippines?
  57. What does Pierce Brosnan steal in The Thomas Crown Affair? a) jewellery, b) paintings, or c) government bonds?
  58. At what sport does Farley Granger excel in Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train? a) golf, b) polo, or c) tennis?
  59. The history of which London theatre is portrayed in Mrs Henderson Presents?
  60. What two things does Paul Newman ride in Butch Casssidy and the Sundance Kid ?
  61. How does Dorothy kill the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz?
  62. What is the sequel to The Maltese Falcon called?
  63. To what is Ray Milland addicted in The Lost Weekend? a) painkillers, b) alcohol, or c) cocaine?
  64. What film features Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon and Cuba Gooding Jr?
  65. Around which English town do the Robin Hood adventures revolve?
  66. In which film does James Cagney yell: 'Made it Ma! Top of the world!' ?
  67. Which one of these films does not star Greta Garbo: a) Anna Karenina, b) Anna and the King of Siam, or c) Anna Christie?
  68. In which segment of Fantasia does Mickey Mouse appear?
  69. What's the name of Judy Garland's dog in The Wizard of Oz?
  70. At what famous place do Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon end up in Thelma and Louise?
  71. In which Oscar-winning film would you find the Jets and the Sharks?
  72. What kind of animal is Templeton in Charlotte's Web?
  73. What turns Peter Parker into Spiderman?
  74. What kind of snake is Kaa in Disney's The Jungle Book? a) boa constrictor, b) python, or c) anaconda?
  75. What kind of animals are the main characters in Watership Down?
  76. Which is the most frequently-portrayed character in the history of horror films?
  77. Name the actor who played The Wizard of Oz in the 1939 film
  78. What links Edith Piaf, Judy Garland, Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday?
  79. Which character advised that 'a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down'?
  80. What do trees throw at Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz?
  81. With which country is England in conflict in Errol Flynn's The Sea Hawk?
  82. What is Rocky Balboa's wife's name in the Rocky films?
  83. Which star's real name is Thomas Mapother? is it a) Tom Cruise, b) Tom Hanks, or c) Tom Selleck ?
  84. What sport is portrayed in The Legend of Bagger Vance?
  85. Which actor won an Oscar for playing twin gunmen, one a drunk, the other with a metal nose?
  86. From what is Tom Hanks' character dying in Philadelphia?
  87. Was screen legend Greta Garbo a) Danish, b) Dutch, or c) Swedish?
  88. Who was Tom Cruise's second wife?
  89. Invisible Woman, Human Torch and Thing. Who's missing from the Fantastic Four?
  90. What's the name of the Persian invaders' leader in 300?
  91. What's the name of Nicolas Cage's character in Ghost Rider?
  92. Which actor famously declined to accept an Oscar in 1970?
  93. What is Mr Incredible's Christian name in The Incredibles?
  94. What specifically links Robin Williams, John Travolta and Dustin Hoffman?
  95. What's the full name of Harry Potter's school?
  96. What is the name of Harry Potter's awful cousin?
  97. What links Anthony Hopkins, Bob Hope and Jane Seymour?
  98. Which of these is not a song from 1952's Hans Christian Andersen?: a) Thumbelina, b) Rumpelstiltskin, or c) The Ugly Duckling?
  99. Which film contains the line 'You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!'?
  100. Which Australian-born Hollywood actor died at 28 in 2008?
  101. Which later star-billed actress played Steven Seagal's young daughter in Under Siege 2?
  102. Which city does the creature trash in Cloverfield? a) Los Angeles, b) New York, or c) Chicago?
  103. What connects North, Donnie Darko and Harvey?
  104. What's Nicolas Cage's character in the National Treasure films? a) Will Gates, b) Bill Gates, or c) Ben Gates?
  105. What titular vehicle was described in song as 'Our fine four-fendered friend'?
  106. Divide the number of Hitchcock's Steps by the number of Costner's Days
  107. In which 2007 film would you find the characters Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday?
  108. Which character in The Wizard of Oz does Dorothy say she'll miss 'most of all' when she leaves Oz? a) The Wizard, b) The Scarecrow, or c) The Cowardly Lion?
  109. Which character has been the subject of more horror films than any other?
  110. What's the name of the 'sleepy' village where the action takes place in Hot Fuzz? a) Cranford, b) Sandford, or c) Candleford?
  111. What's the name of the snake in Disney's The Jungle Book?
  112. What kind of animal was Flicka in My Friend Flicka (1943) and its 2006 remake Flicka?
  113. What does MGM stand for?
  114. Which regular Disney character appears in Fantasia?
  115. Who played the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (1991)?
  116. What's the sequel to Cate Blanchett's Elizabeth called?
  117. In which country is Rambo III mainly set?
  118. In which century is Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street set?
  119. What's the name of the robot in Forbidden Planet?
  120. Which film and TV lawyer was created by novelist Erle Stanley Gardner?
  121. In which vintage Hollywood comedy could you have found Painless Peter Potter and Calamity Jane?
  122. Who played Houdini in the 1953 biopic about the famous escapologist?
  123. How many bridesmaids' dresses does Katherine Heigl have in her 2008 romantic comedy?
  124. Where do the tiny people live in the 2008 cartoon Horton Hears a Who?
  125. What colour hat and coat does Warren Beatty wear in Dick Tracy?
  126. What's Jackie Chan's character name in Around the World in 80 Days?
  127. Who originally played Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films before his death in 2002?
  128. As which singer did Marion Cotillard win an Oscar in La Vie en Rose?
  129. To what does 'The Big House' refer to in American crime pictures?
  130. Who or what was the Silver Streak? a) a train, b) a superhero, or c) a greyhound?
  131. Which actress won an Oscar for her role in Cold Mountain a) Nicole Kidman, b) Natalie Portman, or c) Renee Zellweger?
  132. Who directed the 1940 classic The Grapes of Wrath? a) John Ford, b) John Huston, or c) John Steinbeck?
  133. What is Al Pacino's character's first name in The Godfather films? a) Michael, b) Vito, or c) Sonny?
  134. Which of the Marx Brothers was always playing the piano? a) Chico, b) Harpo, or c) Zeppo?
  135. Which present day action star's name is an anagram of 'raiding lace'?
  136. Who played Flash Harry in the first four 'St Trinian's' films of the 50s and 60s?
  137. Which comedy duo made the films Hit the Ice, Pardon My Sarong and Lost in Alaska?
  138. What sort of animal is the main protagonist in Ring of Bright Water?
  139. What creatures is Jeff Daniels afraid of in Arachnophobia?
  140. What's the name of Scarlett O'Hara's home in Gone With the Wind?
  141. What film musical contains the song It's the Hard-Knock Life? a) Oliver!, b) My Fair Lady or c) Annie?
  142. Name either of the award-winning films in which Bing Crosby played Father Chuck O'Malley
  143. Name any of the three films Doris Day and Rock Hudson made together
  144. Who was Greer Garson's co-star in eight films made between 1941 and 1952?
  145. In which film does Robert De Niro play a character called Travis Bickle?
  146. What's the name of the lion in The Chronicles of Narnia films?
  147. What's the surname of the character played by Clint Eastwood in the 'Dirty Harry' films?
  148. For what is Harrison Ford searching in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?
  149. What is the 'Scottish' connection between Robin Williams, Paul Hogan and Charlton Heston?
  150. In which French town does Robbie (James McAvoy) die in Atonement?
  151. What film role links Peter Sellers, Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee?
  152. What's the setting for the Batman films?
  153. Which cartoon character has an anchor tattooed on his arm?
  154. In which film do Donald Duck and Daffy Duck play a piano duet?
  155. Which city is home to Spider-man? a) New York, b) Chicago, or c) Los Angeles?
  156. In which country would you find the cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez? a) Spain, b) Cuba, or c) Mexico?
  157. What was The Treasure of the Sierra Madre? a) gold, b) silver, or c) diamonds?
  158. What was Sir Percy Blakeney's famous alias in a 1934 film?
  159. What does the Wicked Queen give Snow White to render her comatose?
  160. Which is the odd one out: Lucifer, Felix, Sylvester and Snowbell?
  161. Which Hollywood studio's motto is Ars Gratia Artis?
  162. In which Carry On film does Kenneth Williams cry 'Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!' ?
  163. What's the name of the hero's rabbit friend in Disney's Bambi?
  164. What film and TV group consists of Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester, Wednesday and Pugsley?
  165. Which action film was lampooned by Meet the Spartans?
  166. Which actress won an Oscar for Chicago? a) Renee Zellweger, b) Catherine Zeta-Jones, or c) Queen Latifah?
  167. Wh?t is 'Beauty's actual name in Disney's Beauty and the Beast?
  168. What kind of animal is Melman in the Madagascar films?
  169. From which country does Sacha Baron Cohen's character come in Borat?
  170. What connects Geena Davis with the stars of Three Amigos!?
  171. In which film does Charlton Heston paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
  172. What was Old Yeller in the 1957 film: a) a dog, b) a lion, or c) a horse?
  173. What connects Jessica Lange, Naomi Watts and Fay Wray?
  174. What movie ends with the line - '...the stuff that dreams are made of'?
  175. What nationality was Ingrid Bergman? a) Austrian, b) Swedish, or c) Danish?
  176. Which actor played characters called Rick Blaine, Fred C Dobbs and Charlie Allnut?
  177. What links Will Smith, Russell Crowe and Errol Flynn?
  178. Which model turned actress starred in the 1971 musical The Boy Friend?
  179. What connects Irene Dunne, Anna Neagle and Emily Blunt?
  180. How many of Shakespeare's 'kings' did Laurence Olivier play?
  181. Which Oscar-winning 1979 film co-starred Meryl Streep with Dustin Hoffman?
  182. What was Humphrey Bogart's first colour film in a starring role?
  183. In which film does Rowan Atkinson play a priest who refers to The Father, Son and Holy Goat?
  184. What Indian city provides the main setting for Slumdog Millionare?
  185. What links Emily Blunt, Julie Andrews and Anna Neagle?
  186. Name the character played by James Stewart in It's a Wonderful Life
  187. Name the character played by Anthony Perkins in Psycho
  188. What connects Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Vivien Leigh?
  189. Who played Pat and Mike in a 1952 film?
  190. What's the name of the ape in the Tarzan films?
  191. What kind of dog does Will Smith have in I Am Legend?
  192. Which war forms the backdrop to the latter half of Australia?
  193. For which film did Kate Winslet win an Academy Award in 2009?
  194. What was the first major film to be made in CinemaScope?
  195. Which British stand-up comedian made his Hollywood debut in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?
  196. What does the hero of Hitchcock's Vertigo have a fear of?
  197. Which British actor turned director with Oh! What a Lovely War in 1969?
  198. Which actor did Elizabeth Taylor marry twice?
  199. What kind of dog was Marley in Marley & Me?
  200. Which British actress played The Young Victoria?
  201. Who was Errol Flynn's Maid Marian in The Adventures of Robin Hood?
  202. Who played special agent Matt Helm in The Silencers and three other films?
  203. What is Mickey Mouse's girlfriend's name?
  204. What was the title of Sylvester Stallone's first 'Rambo' film?
  205. To what does the title of Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino refer?
  206. What connects Holly Martins, Anna Schmidt and Harry Lime?
  207. Who won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in the 1961 film Two Women?
  208. Who provides the voice of Puss in Boots in the Shrek films?
  209. What kind of dog is Lady in Lady and the Tramp?
  210. What 'pets' does Marlon Brando look after in On the Waterfront?
  211. From which MGM musical does The Trolley Song come?
  212. What kind of bird is cartoonland's Tweetie Pie?
  213. In which film does Marlon Brando play a character called Terry Malloy?
  214. What connects the names Lucifer, Sylvester and Tom?
  215. Which island was the setting for the 1964 film The High Bright Sun?
  216. Name the country in which Shrek the ogre lives
  217. Which Oscar-winning actress played the fairy Tinker Bell in the 1991 film Hook?
  218. What kind of dog is Marmaduke in the comic-strip and film of that name?
  219. What have the Disney characters Cleo, Dory and Flounder in common?
  220. Whose car plant is at the centre of the storm in Made in Dagenham ?
  221. What nationality is the cartoon character Speedy Gonzales?
  222. Who plays the president of the USA in Mars Attacks!?
  223. What's the name of Dirk Bogarde's character in the 'Doctor' film comedies of the 1950s and 1960s?
  224. On which of the Grimms' fairy tales is the Disney cartoon Tangled based?
  225. Which Disney cartoon character sang "I've Got No Strings"?
  226. In which country is the sci-fi thriller District 9 set?
  227. What role does Johnny Depp play in Alice in Wonderland? a) White Rabbit, b) March Hare, or c) Mad Hatter?
  228. How many pups are held captive by Cruella de Vil's men in 101 Dalmatians?
  229. In which hand does the Columbia Pictures logo lady hold her torch?
  230. Which star actor played characters called Dixon Steele, Charlie Allnut and Philip Francis Queeg?
  231. Which star actress played characters called Karen Blixan, Karen Traynor and Karen Silkwood?
  232. What is the occupation of Travis Bickle as played by Robert de Niro?
  233. Which comedian was born in Canada in 1962? a) Adam Sandler, b) Jim Carrey, or c) John Candy?
  234. Which role was played by George Peppard on TV and Liam Neeson on film?
  235. How many chipmunks are there in the Alvin and the Chipmunks films?
  236. Which modern Hollywood superstar has a daughter called Suri?
  237. What is the name of the dog in the 'Tintin' films? a) Dogmatix, b) Snowy), or c) Chalky?
  238. From which musical does the song I Hate Men come? a) Oklahoma!, b) Sweet Charity, or c) Kiss Me Kate?
  239. Which Hollywood superstar released a new album of songs in 2011 when in her late eighties?
  240. What connects Laurence Olivier, Colin Firth and Helen Mirren?
  241. What ballet is Natalie Portman dancing in Black Swan?
  242. 'Reg A Bogart' is an anagram of which famous film star of bygone days?
  243. Name the bar/cafe that's the title of a song from The Pajama Game
  244. At what number in Baker Street does sleuth Sherlock Holmes live?
  245. Whose cartoon nephews are Huey, Louie and Dewey?
  246. What kind of Muppet animal is the piano-playing Rowlf?
  247. What planet does Arnold Schwarzenegger visit in Total Recall (1990)?
  248. In which Hollywood classic would you find the characters Lina Lamont, Cosmo Brown and Roscoe Dexter?
  249. In which Bette Davis film does Marilyn Monroe play a supporting role?
  250. In which Disney feature cartoon would you find Figaro and Cleo?
  251. Which Star Wars episode is subtitled Return of the Jedi?
  252. Which 1940s' actress famously had a 'peek-a-boo' hairstyle?
  253. What's the name of the hippopotamus in the Madagascar cartoon movies?
  254. In which city is The Third Man principally set?
  255. What links Oddjob from Goldfinger to Harpo Marx and Wile E Coyote?
  256. What links Si, Rhubarb and Pyewacket?
  257. On which movie boat would you find Charlie Allnut and Rose Sayer?
  258. On whose behalf did Sacheen Littlefeather appear at the Oscars to decline an award?
  259. Which film contains the line "Lunch is for wimps"?
  260. What did the scarecrow want from the Wizard of Oz in the 1939 film?
  261. What was the name of old cowboy star Roy Rogers' horse?
  262. What kind of dog is Uggie in The Artist?
  263. What was Laurence Olivier's profession in Marathon Man?
  264. Name the prehistoric squirrel in the Ice Age movies
  265. From what zoo do the animals escape in the Madagascar films?
  266. Which king does Colin Firth play in The King's Speech?
  267. Which actor has won Oscars as an Irish writer, an American president and an oil magnate?
  268. In which Marilyn Monroe film would you find the St Valentine's Day massacre?
  269. What herb is also part of the title of a Disney feature cartoon?
  270. Which Hollywood comedian said: 'They say marriage is a wonderful institution. But who wants to live in an institution?'? a)W C Fields, b) Bob Hope), or c) Groucho Marx?
  271. Which birds does Anna Paquin tend in Fly Away Home?
  272. Name the bald, moustachioed actor who played the villain in many a Laurel & Hardy film
  273. Martin Landau won an Oscar for playing which horror star in Ed Wood?
  274. Who played Charlton Heston's chariot race adversary Messala in the 1959 version of Ben-Hur?
  275. How many of the eight d'Ascoynes played by Alec Guinness in Kind Hearts and Coronets are women?
  276. Was The Maltese Falcon a) a gallant knight, b) a jewel, or c) a statuette?
  277. In which Michael Douglas film does he play the character William 'D-FENS' Foster?
  278. What was Marilyn Monroe's last completed film?
  279. In 2012, which Hollywood actor became the first male face of Chanel No. 5?
  280. Which film comedy team's real names were Leonard, Adolph and Julius?
  281. Which UK singer shares his name with an Oscar-winning film from the 1960s?
  282. Which cartoon character's catchphrase is "To infinity and beyond"?
  283. What connects War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man and The History of Mr Polly?
  284. Which cowboy star of the 1940s rode a horse called Trigger?
  285. Who voiced the genie in Disney's Aladdin?
  286. Which playwright married Marilyn Monroe in 1956?
  287. Name Olivia de Havilland's actress sister
  288. What have the films Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, The Omega Man and Life of Pi got in common?
  289. From what job are the would-be strippers made redundant in The Full Monty?
  290. What colour jacket is the little girl wearing in Schindler's List?
  291. Which silent siren's first sound screen words were 'Gimme a whiskey'?
  292. Which character in the Star Wars series is nicknamed Chewie?
  293. What is the first pig's house made of in Disney's The Three Little Pigs?
  294. Which cartoon character is famous for stammering?
  295. Which actress has fallen over at two consecutive Oscar ceremonies?
  296. What does cartoon character Popeye eat to make him strong?
  297. What's the name of the monster Mia Wasikowska battles in Alice in Wonderland?
  298. Which member of The Lavender Hill Mob was born Abraham Basalinsky?
  299. What is the name of the mutinous computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey?
  300. What is the subtitle of the second of the Hunger Games films?
  301. Name Han Solo's hairy partner in the Star Wars movies
  302. What's the name of the little people in The Wizard of Oz?
  303. What links Beetlejuice, The Sixth Sense and The Others?
  304. What instrument does Emily Watson 'play' in Hilary & Jackie?
  305. What animals menace Liam Neeson and fellow aircrash survivors in The Grey?
  306. What sport is played in Escape to Victory?
  307. Which British star's real name is Maurice Micklewhite?
  308. In which classic horror film would you find an inn called The Slaughtered Lamb?
  309. What machines does Paul Newman chop the heads off of, at the beginning of Cool Hand Luke?
  310. In the DreamWorks logo, what is the boy on the moon holding in his hand?
  311. What kind of animal was cartoon star Droopy?
  312. What is 'The Greek' in the Russell Brand/Jonah Hill comedy Get Him to the Greek?
  313. What does the Tin Man want from The Wizard of Oz?
  314. At what sport did Olympian Johnny Weissmuller excel before he played Tarzan: a) athletics, b) swimming, or c) wrestling?
  315. Who or what was Genevieve in the British comedy classic?
  316. What kind of creature is Hippety Hopper in the Looney Tunes cartoons?
  317. Name the 'windy city' Doris Day visits in Calamity Jane
  318. What sport features in the films Escape to Victory and When Saturday Comes?
  319. The role of pianist David Helfgott won an Oscar for which Australian-born actor?
  320. Which actor does Tony Curtis imitate in Some Like It Hot? a) James Stewart, b) Marlon Brando, or c) Cary Grant?
  321. Which holiday setting is the backdrop for Home Alone?
  322. Which actress won an honorary Oscar in 2014 for her work with refugees?
  323. At what sport was actor Ray Winstone three times London Schools' champion?
  324. What big city does cowgirl Doris Day visit in the course of Calamity Jane?
  325. Which actress played Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II in the same year?
  326. What relation was actress Ida Lupino to 1930s' comedian Stanley Lupino?
  327. Which creature was hunted by the good ship Pequod?
  328. How many 'easy pieces' did Jack Nicholson have to play in 1970?
  329. What song does Humphrey Bogart implore his pianist to play in Casablanca?
  330. What is the name of the late Joan Fontaine's actress sister?
  331. What's the name of Batman's car?
  332. Which 'four-legged friend' was known as 'the smartest horse in the movies'?
  333. What was Laurel and Hardy's only western?
  334. What's the name of the boy who owns the toys in the Toy Story films?
  335. What is the colour of the band round Daffy Duck's neck? a) red, b) yellow, c) white, or d) orange?
  336. In which musical film would you find the Pink Ladies?
  337. For what fantasy character is actor Sam J Jones best known?
  338. In which film does Johnny Depp play a character called Ichabod Crane?
  339. In which film were James McAvoy and Benedict Cumberbatch members of a quiz team?
  340. In which American state is Dorothy Gale's farm in The Wizard of Oz?
  341. What colour was Halle Berry's bikini in Die Another Day?
  342. How many roles does Alec Guinness play in Kind Hearts and Coronets?
  343. What links the films Man Without a Star, 3:10 to Yuma (1957) and Blazing Saddles?
  344. Who played the title role in Hitchcock's Rebecca?
  345. Which women's movement does Glynis Johns' Mrs Banks join in Mary Poppins?
  346. What is the name of Rocky's adversary in the showdown to the first Rocky film?
  347. What is the 'windy city' Doris Day sings about in Calamity Jane?
  348. What was the name of Tarzan's chimpanzee companion?
  349. Which classic actor's name is an anagram of LARGE BLACK?
  350. What does Popeye eat to make him strong?
  351. Which film contains the line '12 cabins, 12 vacancies'?
  352. Name the two opposing gangs in West Side Story
  353. Which film is at the centre of Disney's Saving Mr Banks?
  354. Which cartoon character had a cocktail of tabasco, tomato juice and lemon juice named after them?
  355. Which star of Hollywood's golden era had children called Jane and Peter?
  356. Which MGM star began making Annie Get Your Gun, but was replaced by Betty Hutton?
  357. What surname is shared by actresses Shirley, Jennifer and Felicity?
  358. What connects Hazel, Thumper and Judy Hopps?
  359. What is the name of Batman's all-knowing servant?
  360. Who was the Marx Brother who never spoke?
  361. Two Oscar-winning actresses made their singing debuts in Oklahoma! Shirley Jones was one; who was the other?
  362. In which Disney cartoon feature would you find the Good Fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather?
  363. In the Star Wars films, which character does Leia say is her 'only hope'?
  364. Name the kingdom in which most of the action takes place in the Shrek films
  365. Who plays the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Disney's Fantasia?
  366. John Mills and his daughter Hayley appeared in four films together. Name two of them.
  367. In which film would you find the song Pink Elephants on Parade? a) Grease, b) Grease 2, or c) Dumbo?
  368. Complete the title: Silver Linings --------
  369. Which famous producer said 'A verbal contract is not worth the paper it's printed on' ?
  370. What are the Banks family doing at the end of Mary Poppins?
  371. Complete the line of the film song: 'Look at that big hand move along, nearing ---------
  372. What song does Frank Sinatra sing directly to Rita Hayworth in Pal Joey ?
  373. What's the name of the panther in the 'Jungle Book' films?
  374. What was The Titfield Thunderbolt?
  375. Who directed Jaws and Schindler's List?
  376. In which country was Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie born?
  377. Complete the title of a Drew Barrymore film: Music and ------
  378. Who played Frankenstein's monster in three 1930s films?
  379. Which of these is a character from the Harry Potter films: a) Nasty Nick, b) Nick Chopper, or c) Nearly Headless Nick?
  380. What colour is the bad witch's face in The Wizard of Oz?
  381. Which Hollywood musical introduced the T Birds and the Pink Ladies?
  382. What Jane Austen novel inspired Bridget Jones's Diary?
  383. What links Bob Hope, George Burns and Kirk Douglas?
  384. Of which Disney film is Carl Fredericksen the hero?
  385. Who was Harrison Ford's female co-star in two of the 'Indiana Jones' films?
  386. What award-winning film's poster is dominated by the image of a tiger?
  387. Who played the title roles in Gigi, Lili and Gaby?
  388. In which film does film star Cate Blanchett play film star Katharine Hepburn?
  389. What instrument does James Stewart 'play' in The Glenn Miller Story?
  390. What does Kenneth More reach for in the biography of air ace Douglas Bader? a) the clouds, b/ the sky, c) glory, or d) a miracle?
  391. Which actor's gallery of real-life portrayals includes activists Malcolm X and Steve Biko and boxer Hurricane Carter?
  392. Which postwar MGM star, who died at 38, was born with the name Alfred Cocozza?
  393. What kind of creature is Sir Hiss in Disney's 1973 Robin Hood?
  394. What links Peter Finch, Stephen Fry and Robert Morley?
  395. Who was Dirk Bogarde's leading lady in Doctor at Sea?
  396. In which Dickens film would you find the characters Uriah Heap, Wilkins Micawber and Betsey Trotwood?
  397. Supply the missing colour 1: The ---- Badge of Courage
  398. Supply the missing colour 2: She Wore a ---- Ribbon
  399. Supply the missing colour 3: The ---- Rose of Cairo
  400. Supply the missing colour 4: A Clockwork ----
  401. Supply the missing colour 5: The Man in the ---- Suit
  402. Supply the missing colour 6: The ---- Panther
  403. Supply the missing colour 7: ---- Jasmine
  404. Supply the missing colour 8: The ---- Hornet
  405. In which film does Harrison Ford play a character called Rick Deckard?
  406. What sport is being played in Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire?
  407. Who or what was Seabiscuit?
  408. Name the sport that featured in Caddyshack
  409. In which of his comedy films does Bob Hope play Painless Peter Potter?
  410. From what country does Paddington Bear originate?
  411. Fill in the missing animal 1: Kung Fu -----
  412. Fill in the missing animal 2: That Touch of -----
  413. Fill in the missing animal 3: The ----- from Outer Space
  414. Fill in the missing animal 4: Sinbad and the Eye of the -----
  415. Fill in the missing animal 5: King -----
  416. Fill in the missing animal 6: the ----- That Roared
  417. Fill in the missing animal 7: ------ Walk
  418. Fill in the missing animal 8: The Day of the -----
  419. Into what animal is the delinquent Lampwick turned in Disney's Pinocchio?
  420. Which dinosaur is pictured on the logos for the 'Jurassic Park' films'?
  421. In the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, Margaret Hamilton was the Wicked Witch of the...a) East, b) West, c) North?
  422. Can you name the cat in Captain Marvel?
  423. Which queen does Olivia Colman play in The Favourite?
  424. In which cartoon series would you find the characters Max, Duke, Gidget and Snowball?
  425. What kind of creature is Glynis Johns in both Miranda and Mad About Men ?
  426. Which movie comedians performed the famous "Who's On First' routine ?
  427. Which actress's autobiography is entitled Child Star ?
  428. Cary Grant made four films for Alfred Hitchcock. Name three of them.
  429. Which real-life film star does Leonardo DiCaprio live next door to, in Once Upon a Hollywood?
  430. Which country forms the principal setting for the horror film Midsommar?
  431. What occupation does Joaquin Phoenix try to follow in Joker?
  432. What is the title character's occupation in Tarantino's Jackie Brown?
  433. Fill in the missing month 10: Born on the Fourth of ---- (1989)
  434. According to his signature song, which cartoon character 'gets stuck with all the bad luck'?
  435. What is Wolverine's real surname?
  436. Name the robot played by Paul Bettany in the Iron Man/Avengers series
  437. Which Hollywood comedian played characters called Rufus T Firefly, Otis B Driftwood and Wolf J Flywheel?
  438. What relation is Bridget Fonda to Henry Fonda?
  439. What's the name of the villainous penguin in Wallace & Gromit's The Wrong Trousers?
  440. In the 'Star Wars' films, what colour is Yoda's light sabre?
  441. How many legs has the character voiced by Julia Roberts in Charlotte's Web?
  442. Who is the only Australian actor/actress to win two Academy Awards?
  443. Wen the computer gets Miles' name wrong in Electric Dreams (1984), what does it call him?
  444. In which James Bond film does one of the villains have a lethal bowler hat?
  445. Which American pop diva played Bombalurina in Cats?